Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson

Susie Make A Choice

Story Behind The Song

listening to lots of stuff of this style and decided to compose a period tune, a-la James Hunter

Song Description

just a cool old style groove and love-triangle story

Song Length 3:07 Genre Blues - General, R & B - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Adorable, Charming Subject Relationship
Language English Era 1960 - 1969


Suzie Make A Choice

Words & Music by Barry Thompson, all rights reserved, Ac2008, registered BMI

He's got an uptown penthouse, you think the smile on his smile mouth is cute
I rent a room off the alley and my grin is missin' a tooth
But if Sally don't mind, then Suzie why should you?

Suzie make a choice while you got a choice to make
Make up your mind, Sally can't wait all day
Choose me Suzie, then I'll send Sally away

You say he drinks fine wine, parks his Caddy in a private lot
Well the beer is cheaper here and I park anywhere I want
But excuse me Suzie, didn't you grow up on this block?


Girl you heard about the bird in the hand and the ones in the bush?
Well you got two on the fence, and its time to give one a push


You kiss me, you miss me... are you bored with Prince charming's world?
He took the girl from the streets but he can't take the streets from the girl
Meanwhile Sally's so suspicious, so Suzie just say the word

(Ending last line repeat 3x)
(third repeat): Come on, pick which hearts to break - Sally's had all she can take.

Pure delight to listen to this!

Lyrics Barry Thompson Music Barry Thompson
Producer Barry Thompson Performance Barry Thompson: vocals, guitars, bass, saxaphone. ...Jeff Thompson: Drums
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