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Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - Bluegrass, Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Call Me Crazy
By Becky Wiles

Hey it was nice to meet you but I think I'll step away
That's the one, that's my gem, my favorite go-to line to say
I made a promise to myself - I won't be walked on anymore
So instead of riskin' love sparks, I'll just show you to the door
You can call me crazy but I'll be safer over here
Far away from those sweet nothin's you been whisperin' in my ear
Call me crazy

I'll have you know this personality has suited me just fine
Since I broke it off with what's his name who wasted all my time
I know the drill and I'll save the hurt, so you can just move on along
I'm retreating to my corner finish up this song

Call me crazy but I've been here before
And I sense that this could end with my heart out on the floor
Call me crazy

Hold on now, look at you, oh you're not going to let me go?
Well I'll admit that that's a twist on what I've come to know.
See typically when I disengage, it's as good as good and done
But alright, I'll bite, just for tonight, you do seem kind'a fun

Call me crazy this is way out of my zone
But you're stirrin' up some stuff that I thought was all but gone
Call me crazy

Here I came with my escape plan as I usually do
But your persistence in this instance has me leaning into you
You've played this game before I see ...and clearly you have won
'Cuz you got me hangin' on your words and believin' I'm the one

I must be crazy cuz you're cuttin' through the noise
That's been fillin' up my head from all the other boys
This is crazy

Alright now here we go, I guess I'm breaking some new ground
What the heck, I'll go all in and maybe even stick around
I might just change this tune to a legitimate love song
You sure came out of nowhere, and I sure want to come along

Call me crazy ... I really don't care
Color me surprised I feel this love that's in the air
Call me crazy

Now we're dancin' cheek to cheek in the wee hours of the night
This fire inside has me petrified you might be Mr. Right
Just when I try to pull away you pull me right back in
I'll be damned but I think I've found myself falling in love again

You can call me crazy, you can call me wild
Call me tomorrow, heck call me anytime

Call me boomerang'd .. you sure caught me off guard
Call me an ambulance cuz I'm fallin' pretty hard

Call me blessed cuz you've been be sent from up above
Call me crazy
I don't care
I'm in love

Song Credits - See Album Credits Below
Becky Wiles / Free Kind of Me /Album Credits
All songs written, arranged and performed by Becky Wiles
Piano Becky Wiles
Acoustic Guitar Doug Boduch
Acoustic Guitar - Dream Girl Mark Croft
Electric Guitar Doug Boduch
Bass Guitar Jake Johnson
Pedal Steel Guitar Leroy Deuster
Trumpet Joey Rockman
Banjo Jon Piek
Drums Paul Kennedy
Fiddle, Viola Chris Wagoner
Cello Mary Gaines
Backup Vocalists Cynthia Woodland, Rachelle Nafziger, Jake Johnson, John Madson, Lukas Dopart
Produced by Jake Johnson & Becky Wiles.
Engineered by Jake Johnson & Yeekeng Yang

Bottom line is I love everything about this song! Honestly, I would not change a thing about this song. As Max D. Barnes used to say, "the only thing this song needs is a release date!"

Lyrics Becky Wiles Music Becky Wiles
Producer Jake Johnson / Paradyme Studios Performance Becky Wiles
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Country - Bluegrass #1

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