Bob Juch

Bob Juch

Anchor and Stars

Song Description

Two women at different stages of love harmonize their experiences, with the seasoned wisdom of one guiding the hopes and dreams of the other as they navigate the complexities of the heart.

Song Length 3:32 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Joyful Subject Joy
Language English Era 2000 and later


Verse 1 (Older Woman):
(G) Pull up a chair, come sit with me,
(D) I'll share tales of love, of its decree.
(Em) Through seasons, storms, love's ebb and flow,
(C) I found my anchor, just so you know.

Verse 2 (Younger Woman):
(Am) In this vast dance, I feel astray,
(F) Chasing shadows, in night and day.
(C) Your enduring tale, so clear and bright,
(G) Lends clarity to my love's sight.

Chorus (Both):
(C) Two souls, with our tales intertwined,
(G) One at the dawn, one where stars aligned.
(Am) From cherished memories to paths still new,
(F) Together, we find love's true hue.

Verse 3 (Older Woman):
(G) I recall the thrill, the uncertainties, the fears,
(D) The laughter, the moments, the joyful tears.
(Em) Now, in love's warm and steadfast embrace,
(C) I've found home, my heart's resting place.

Verse 4 (Younger Woman):
(Am) With every pulse, each whispered dream,
(F) I have to wonder, is love all it seems?
(C) Yet your story, steadfast through and through,
(G) Gives me faith in love's rendezvous.

Chorus (Both):
(C) Two voices harmonizing love's song,
(G) Of journeys, of places we belong.
(Am) With wisdom echoed and dreams in view,
(F) Together, we chart a course so true.

Bridge (Older Woman):
(G) Love's more than fleeting passion's gleam,
(D) It's silent promises, the shared dream.
(Em) Listen close to the tales I weave,
(C) In them, love's wisdom you'll perceive.

Verse 5 (Younger Woman):
(Am) Your journey's light guides my quest,
(F) Fueling the dreams within my chest.
(C) With hope to find, as you have known,
(G) A love unyielding, set in stone.

Chorus (Both):
(C) Two hearts, tales of love's grand design,
(G) One in twilight, one starting the climb.
(Am) Lessons and hopes, intertwined hand in hand,
(F) In love's embrace, united we stand.

Outro (Older Woman):
(G) Keep our stories close; they're love's key,
(D) Guiding us through its complexity.
(Em) In love's vast expanse, wild and free,
(C) Remember, I'm here, your ally to be.

Outro (Younger Woman):
(Am) With wisdom shared, my path's less unknown,
(F) Seeking a love, uniquely my own.
(C) Guided by stories, life's rich theme,
(G) Together, we chase love's enduring dream.

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch Performance Deb Thomas and Jaime Fox
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