Last Second Chance

Story Behind The Song

It's my own story, but with a woman singing it.

Song Description

Empowered by self-worth and resilience, an individual breaks free from a manipulative relationship, recognizing their strength and promising a brighter future devoid of second chances for betrayal.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Mad Subject Breaking Up
Language English Era 2000 and later


Last Second Chance

(Verse 1)
I've been trying to make it work with you
But you've been nothing but a fool
You've been playing with my heart
And was tearing it all apart

(Verse 2)
You thought you could keep me hanging on
But now you'll see I'll be gone
You thought you had the upper hand
But now I'll show you who's really in command

That was your last second chance
To make things right, to take a stance
But you just let it slip away
Now I'm done; I've got nothing left to say

You thought you could just walk away
But now it's time for you to pay
I'll find someone who will treat me right
And you'll be left alone in the night

(Verse 3)
You played the victim, all so coy
But I no longer am your toy
Your sweet words are just a sham
I've finally seen who I am

That was your last second chance
To make things right, to take a stance
But you just let it slip away
Now I'm done; I've got nothing left to say

(Verse 4)
There's power in letting go
That you will never know
I'm stronger than I've ever been
This is a game you can not win

(Bridge 2)
I won't waste a tear on you
I've got better things to do
You're just a shadow in my past
And I'm free; I'm free at last

(Verse 5)
As I walk toward the rising sun
I know my freedom I have won
Your memory is a fading light
In my new chapter, you're out of sight

That was your last second chance
You let it slip, lost in your trance
But I've found the strength to break away
Now I'm stronger, with nothing left to say

I'm soaring high; I'm shining bright
Away from your false dying light
I'll find happiness; I'll find love
Cause that was your last second chance.

Bob Juch has crafted an almost out-of-the-box contemporary Country hit with "Your Last Second Chance" that could easily be recorded by any number of mainstream Country male or female vocalists today.

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch
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Last Second Chance

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