Bob Juch

Bob Juch

Past Loves, Present Heart

Story Behind The Song

This is my story.

Song Description

A heartfelt reflection on the transformative journey of past romances that have crafted a man's soul, guiding him towards a profound, destined love, celebrating the lessons, heartbreaks, and joys that make each love story unique.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Engaging Subject Madly In Love, Relationship
Language English Era 2000 and later


Past Loves, Present Heart

[G] [Cadd9] [Em7] [Dsus4]

(Verse 1)
[G]I wandered far, no roots, no home
[Cadd9]Seeking love, yet felt so alone
[G/B]Each love a chapter, tales I've told
[Em7]Led me one step [Dsus4]to where love's gold

[Cadd9]Stars up above, they watched me stray
[Dsus4/F#]Guiding my heart [Cadd9]to find its way

[G]All of the loves I felt before
[Cadd9]Made me the man you can't ignore
[G/B]They taught me how to see and give
[Em7]Shaped every life lesson [Dsus4]I'd relive
[Cadd9]Each heartbreak, every closed door
[D/F#]Made way for what [Cadd9]you're searchin' for
[G]All of the loves I felt before
[Cadd9]Made me the one [Em7]you truly [Dsus4]adore

(Verse 2)
[G]One taught me patience, one to seize,
[Cadd9]Another ignited passion's breeze
[G/B]Moments of laughter, tears so blue
[Em7]Each love a step [Dsus4]that led to you

[Cadd9]This patchwork heart healed and pure
[Dsus4/F#]You've found a place, [Cadd9]love so pure

[Cadd9]I don't regret the highs or lows
[Dsus4/F#]Each scar I've known, [Cadd9]each rose I chose
[Em7]Under this moon, our love's echo
[D/F#]Every past love [E/G#](Transition to A major) made our hearts grow

(Chorus in Key of A)
[A]All of the loves I felt before
[D]Made me the man you can't ignore
[F#m]Lessons learned, the heartbreaks too
[A]All led me straight [D]to loving you
[F#m]Past pains, joys, adventures galore
[D]Crafted the love [E]we can't ignore
[A]All of the loves I felt before
[D]Made me the one [F#m]you truly [E]adore

(Outro in Key of A)
[A]Here is my heart, yours to hold
[D]Past loves to you have clearly told
[F#m]All of the loves I felt before
[A]Crafted the man [D]you can't ignore
[F#m]With every beat, [D]it's you [A]I adore

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch Performance Mike Lusk
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