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Bob Juch

Reclaim Your Light

Song Description

Amidst the aftermath of a toxic relationship, a woman empowers her best friend to move beyond her past, urging her to reclaim her inner strength, embrace brighter days, and recognize the depth of her worth.

Song Length 3:46 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Diplomatic Subject Breaking Up
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood Language English
Era 2000 and later


(Verse 1)
[G] Girl, I've watched you, in his twisted dance,
[Cadd9] Lost in his game, entranced by his glance.
[D] But he's just a storm, leaving only strife,
[G] Time to walk away and reclaim your life.

[G] He's not worth your tears, not one single drop,
[Cadd9] Your heart deserves more. It's time to stop.
[Em] Lift your gaze, embrace the sun's warm embrace,
[D] You're made for love, [C] pure, and [G] full of grace.

(Verse 2)
[G] In the darkest nights, when you felt so small,
[Cadd9] He'd be the cause, and I'd watch you fall.
[D] But I see your strength, rising from the ash,
[G] Burning brighter now, from each past crash.

[Em] You're not his toy, not a game to play,
[Cadd9] Time to turn the page, [D] and to walk away.

[G] Girl, drop the weight of his heavy chains,
[Cadd9] No more shadows, no more lingering pains.
[Em] You have a fire that he'll never know,
[D] Fan those flames, [C] let your spirit [G] glow.

[Am] He was a lesson, in a chapter done,
[Em] But you're the hero, and your story's just begun.
[C] With each tear shed, you've grown strong and tall,
[D] With or without him, you'll never fall.

(Transitional Segment)
[D] With every heartbeat, feel the shift inside,
[E] The dawn of a new day, where dreams won't hide.

(Chorus - in A Major)
[A] Forget his name, let the past just be,
[Dadd9] There's a world out there for your heart to see.
[F#m] Shine on, dear friend, brighter than the day,
[E] With love as your guide, [D] you'll find your [A] way.

(Verse 3 - in A Major)
[A] Hear the birds sing, feel the fresh new start,
[Dadd9] A world awaits for your loving heart.
[E] Every step now is a dance of delight,
[A] With me beside you, we'll chase the light.

(Chorus - in A Major)
[A] With each sunrise, a promise anew,
[Dadd9] I'm here for you, in shades of gold and blue.
[F#m] Remember, love's journey has its twists and turns,
[E] But with hearts like ours, [D] we'll always [A] burn.

Lyrics Bob Juch Music Bob Juch
Producer Bob Juch Performance Deb Thomas
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