Keep Your Dreams Alive

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll


Keep Your Dreams Alive

I took a drive down a hometown street
And I could remember - everything
It was winter but the weather was sweet,
and it kind of reminded me of spring

And like that time when I was young
when I was but more, than a child
It was exciting, it was new and fun
and my imaginations ran wild

Bridge 1
All the big dreams that I had
All my desires good and bad
And I thought about those - expectations of life, and I couldn?t help but feel sad

Life?s never all that you want it to be
You never see all you want to see
You got your dreams but they pass you by
And with them a part of you will die

The challenge is to keep your head
When it seems like your dreams are dead
Never let your confidence slide
Gotta keep your dreams alive

In your childhood it always seemed
like you were destined to carry out - all your dreams
When you got older and reality came, it didn?t turn out quite the same
Life grew harder and the days grew short
and the ball has long since - left your court
You can?t dwell on the way its been, cause it?s never too late to try again

Bridge 2
All those big dreams that you had
Those disappointments made you sad
And when you think about those - opportunities lost - you just can?t help but feel bad

Repeat Chorus

Gotta keep your dreams alive, yeah
Gotta keep your dreams alive, oh
Repeat and Fade

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