Thats What Gets Me the Blues

Story Behind The Song

Just walking around with my eyes wide open

Song Description

This song is about the way the world looks and feels and of the things that bother me the most.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Blues - Country, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Worried Subject Frustration, General
Similar Artists Delbert McClinton, Delbert McClinton Language English
Era 2000 and later


That's What Gets Me the Blues
People are marching out in the street, kids got not enough food to eat
Young folks dieing in those wars, ain't no good jobs anymore
That's what gets me the blues
Price of everything is to dam high, greed is the reason why
All the money's on the top, when will it ever stop
That's what gets me the blues
That's what gets me the blues
I keep watching all that bad news
When I hear those folks say, make them old people pay
That's what gets me the blues
Jails are all filled up, for the pay, people dieing in the streets every day
They're raising kids that got no rules, can't keep those kids in school
Now that's what gets me the blues
Banks are robbing the people blind, nobodies paying for that crime
All I got to say to you, there's not much we can do
That's what gets me the blues
That's what gets me the blues-----
Watching all those poor people loose---
Those people are all broke, cause they won't go out and vote
That's what gets me the blues
That's what gets me the blues----
Better get out there and choose----
We can all go out and toke, when it all goes up in smoke
That's---- what----gets-----me----the-----Blues

instrumentation was very good the song was to the point reminds me of old country with some bluesy attitude I like the arrangement and the vocals were very clear

A blues toe-tapper here. Great hook and lyrics are catchy. Vocals are spot on. I enjoyed the tune. Keep it up!!

Wonderful vibe, love the spots where the two voices come in and thee bassline is great as is the other instruments!!

Love the feel and the lead's just plain wonderful music!! Love the sentiment of the tune! It's so very Blues....GREAT JOB!! Super guitar playing and arrangement........this composition is SPOT ON!!!

Lyrics Al & Buddy Hart Music Al & Buddy Hart
Producer Hart Brothers Music Publisher ALBUD Pub.
Performance Hart Brothers Label ALBUD Records
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Roy Elkins Blues 2019 11/19/2018
Hank Thomas 2015 6-Pack faves 11/22/2015
Hank Thomas I Love Country (so sue me . . ) 11/2/2015

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