Hearts Bleed Fire

Story Behind The Song

I spent nearly 3 years working on this song, between rewrites and recording the parts. After getting out of the military I transitioned to music, This song is about the things I've had to overcome to make music my life.

Song Description

This Anthemic blend of synth pop and alternative rock is perfect for stadiums and Triumphs. The lyrics and music deliver and explosive punch that will make you want to climb your mountain and conquer whatever obstacles are in your path.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Determination, Dreams
Similar Artists Muse Language English
Era 2000 and later

"Hearts Bleed Fire" is an epic-sounding, high-energy song that could work perfectly in certain sync situations like Sports TV and Video Games. It's one of the best songs I've heard on Broadjam over the years. Period.

Really good piece with great instrumentation and effects and insightful lyrics as well. Intro and outro both are very good.

Really enjoyed this song, got my blood pumping! Great beat and vocals, can see this on the radio. Really enjoyed the drum fill right before the final chorus. Lyrics were really fitting as well, hope to hear more from you soon! best of luck.

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