Back In Time

Song Length 4:17 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


If I could travel back in time, when I was dreaming with a young man's mind
I wouldn't have run off or been a fool, I would have built my life with you

If I could go back in time and live life again I'd say I love you to the very end.
If I could only find the words to say to make you love me and make you stay
We should have run away to that tropical place, stood at the altar in love's embrace
Look into each others eyes
And say I do, I do, I do, I do
I do, I do, I do, I do

I still love you

If I could go back to 21, when we were skipping laughing and having fun
Sweet caresses in a gentle breeze, making love beneath the old oak tree

Repeat chorus

I promise, to love honor and cherish you

But I never married I live alone,
And you found your own Romeo
Well I guess that's how it has to be
You with him and me with me

If I could only, go back in time with you with you

Lyrics Randall Mark Music Randall Mark
Producer Wolfgang Grasekamp Performance Ethan Uno-vocals, Randall Mark-guitar

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