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Story Behind The Song

This is about coping with things in our past that hurt us. This is a story of a guy who went through a lot, the ashes are things that burnt us in the past, but we keep the faith and keep moving forward.

Song Description

It is a journey of one man's emotional scars and how he copes with them. It is a country song. I wrote the lyrics and Brent Edens wrote the melody. It is an emotional song.

Song Length 5:22 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive Subject Spirituality
Similar Artists Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley


(Amy Abernathy 2014)

I was in fifth grade,
Said what's your name?
She said my name is Emily.
Asked her to be my girlfriend,
She said she had a boyfriend.
And his name was bobby Lee.
Ashes, ashes, all fall down
We all have ashes floating around.

At seventeen I fell hard in love,
She was pretty as a white dove.
She broke my heart my senior year.
Said she was moving far from here.
Off to school for a much better way.
There's nothing left for her to say.
Ashes, ashes all fall down,
We all have ashes floating around.

The things we go through can make us strong.
We just learn as we go along.
Ashes are things in our past,
They burnt us once but fade away fast.
Some ashes will linger on,
Hold your chin up and just hold on.
Ashes, ashes all fall down,
WE all have ashes floating around.

After school I was working hard,
Got a letter from the National Guard.
Went to war, down in the trenches,
Deep in my soul my emotions descended.
Ashes, ashes all fall down,
We all go through pain and get knocked around.
Ashes, ashes all fall down.
We all have ashes floating around.

I came home from war trying to reconnect,
Dreams in my head cause me to disconnect.
I fought for the Good old US of A,
But the battles in my mind still start to rage.
My mind tries to erase all that I've seen.
How can I wipe the slate clean?
Ashes, ashes all fall down,
We all have hurts floating around.


The things we go through can make us strong.
We just learn as we go along.
Ashes are things in our past,
They burnt us once but fade away fast.
Some ashes will linger on,
Hold your chin up and just hold on.
Ashes, ashes all fall down,
We all have ashes floating around.

Ashes, ashes all fall down,
We all have our ashes floating around.

Written by Amy Abernathy
Copy right 2014

This is a retro blues/rock song. There are currently no major country artists on radio singing this style. It sounds like a live recording which makes it a good pitch for movies/tv background. The singers performance was good but the performance lacked emotion and believability.

Very blues like, the subject matter lyrical aspect is good. The song sounds like it has potential, good Hank Williams feel in a contemporary way.

Love the feel of the song and the vocals have a great expressive quality. Well recorded and played. Great Slide guitar. The arrangement really expresses the feeling of the song. Well done!

The guitar is bit like David Gilmour turned country, the voice has slight Elton John nuances in a deep, american, baritonal way - it's slightly less convincing when it does the octave jump around the fourth minute. Overall, the song works very well under every aspect. The instrumentation is excellent.

This song hurts....what I mean is that the artist does a great job of communicating his emotional pain and loneliness. Perfect for the male lovelorn, this tune evokes images of a smattering of guys, late at night when all the singles remaining are downing their last drink and reluctantly heading home...alone again. Song structure is strong. I like the line in the bridge "time has come to swallow my pride" - great placement and excellent word choice. I like the way your verses segue right into the chorus, and the way you were consistent about it throughout the whole song. Well done. Lead guitar riffs are fun to listen to, keys and drums spot on.

Really liked the solo guitar it gave a good Skynard feel. Overall a great bluesy style. Drums seemed to be flawless. I thought vocals sounded great without much strain or decisiveness. Bass was nice and simple which sometimes is tough in this style.

more blues than country but i like nonetheless
vocal is clear and understandable
nice recording overall
i like the way it starts Talk To Me

I liked the lyrics.

The slide guitar and organ give a great feel for the genre. The hook is solid and the instrumentation expresses the loneliness in the song well. The singer has a sweet voice, which works well here. I like that he doesn't try too hard to sound like he has a drawl, which often plagues the genre.

A true country-blues song. The bluesy beat really sets up a nice bed for the vocal to sit on. And that vocal is about as real as it gets and really makes this song work. A great song in so many ways... almost reminiscent of Leon Russell/Willy Nelson sounds of yesteryear. And that's a real good thing!!

Good song, great melody. Great strings.

I like the drums and the vocals - the bridge is really good as well.

The song had a really good feel too it. The instrumentation and arrangement definitely made the song enjoyable to listen to. Good overall arrangement, recording, and production. It has an "Old Country" kind of feel to it, which is refreshing to listen to at times.

Lyrics Amy P. Abernathy Music Brent Edens
Producer looking for producer Publisher looking for one
Performance Brent Edens Label looking for one
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