Polka Dot Blue

Story Behind The Song

Needed to write a shuffle tune for a contest. This is what came out. Got an honorble mention @ Songdoor.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Jazz - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Delighted, Pleased Subject Attracted, Crush
Language English


I've got this strange affliction
That's turnin' my life inside out
Don't know my left from my right
Been changed from mean to polite
It's confusin', without a doubt

What's got me in this kerfuffle
Like I'd been drinkin' too much zinfandel
It ain't a "what" it's a "who"
And I'm confessin' to you
This could be trouble
Or somethin' else

Polka Dot Blue
Not your average little ingenue
Wearin' Polka Dot Blue
And servin' up her brand of country stew

Can't shake this spell I'm under
That's got me puttin' on these miss-matched shoes
And when I open my mouth
All the brilliance goes south
Seems my brain's taken off on a cruise

All my friends think I've lost it
Their spreadin' the word
"It might be straight jacket time"
'Cause they all knew me when
I was cool just like them
But now I'm crossin' the "crazy" line

Polka Dot Blue
She's not your average little ingenue
She's wearin' Polka Dot Blue
And servin' up her brand of country stew

Was doin' just fine
Shufflin' along my own crease in the road
Ignorin' the signs
Not havin' a clue
Just a free buckaroo

If this was just a fever
A couple of aspirin and I'd be o.k.
But it's not my head
It's my heart
And some tender upstart
That's got my life in this disarray

Polka Dot Blue
Not your average little ingenue
She's wearin' Polka Dot Blue
And servin' up her brand of country stew
Polka Dot Blue...........
Love that dress and all the rest

Well constructed Jazz tune. Good use of instrumentation to support the vocals. Good production. Well done.

Hey Polka Dot Blue... what nice contemporary jazz piece I find in you! Cool vocals/lyrics, with swing-esque flavor shuffling this one along. Very cool piece... almost Steely Dan-ish... which is a very good thing.

I liken this listen to a deep dive into an exotic pool. Plenty here to contemplate and enjoy. A delightful melodic, harmonic and lyrical portrait of a special lady. A welcome departure from the the more common pop type repertoire heard here (which most certainly can shine as well). A jewel of a jazz number!

Interesting musical sections; I like the chord progression at 1:20

Highly original, this song is comedic and creative. Gotta laugh at the first verse...the word picture of wearing socks inside out, combing teeth, flossing hair..what a riot! Some really clever lyric writing here! Catchy chorus. Love the Polka Dot Blue phrase. Good stuff! Keep it coming.

Like the groove. You have a distinct sound that's catchy. I like it very much.

This one has me popping my fingers and bopping my head. Smooth, it rides daddyo

Like the quirky vocal licks. Voice reminds me of John Sebastian.

Vey cool pop/jazz tune. Nice vocal, lyrics are good, background vocals solid and supportive, arrangement supports song .. all good.

Music melody is very good for a jazz song without vocals.

Really like the lyrics they are quite quirky

Nice tune...reminds me of Boa Scaggs?? I think jazz is a better genre. Nice arrangement...I enjoyed it!

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Bill Dake: billdakemusic
Performance Bill Dake Label None

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