Song Description

A gal leaves the city.....

Song Length 3:00 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Joyful Subject Happiness, Life
Language English


Speed of Life

Music & lyrics by: Bill Dake 2012 ASCAP

She's been travelin' at the Speed of Life
A Roman candle, burnin' fast and bright
With a constant, endless appetite
She toasts a new setting sun

Left the hi-rise, left the "Perfect deal"
That city scene had lost its curb appeal
Too many edges, too much glass and steel
She needed open skies

Listened to that quiet voice inside
Whisper gently, "Let's enjoy this ride"
At the Speed of Life

Never questions what the day will bring
Knows she's done with chasin' fame and bling
Simply seekin' sweeter songs to sing
Keepin' her soul alive

Found a boy who's into harmony
Matches her style
Now they're blendin' voices by a silver sea
At the Speed of Life

Two bodies dancin' 'neath the Milky Way
So many stars
Might keep romancin' 'till the break of day
At the Speed of Life

Nice track with a jazzy / crooner vibe. Instrumentation and production are really good
Vocals and vocal harmonies are top notch

Nice pop/rock tune. Well delivered song to a great story line. Nicely produced with subtle utilization of instrumentation. Well done

Just a beautiful song, with some really terrific lyrics, so nicely done, enjoyed it tremendously. Appreciate the subject matter very much, reminds me a bit of one of my all time favs Bakers Street but done in a very different, more jazzy/romantic way. So well done! You should be very proud of it.

Wow, this is a hard review because I really like some of the things I dislike about this song! The singer's voice is not totally polished - but then it is genuine and unique and drew me in. The song doesn't really have a chorus (maybe it's just the line 'The speed of life'), so there's not a normal hook section that you can hang your hat on - yet at the same time it's very pleasant to listen to, and I like it despite being chorus-less. The instrumentation is generally really nice, and the song builds from a sparse intriguing intro to a nice full finish.

cool track
great song writing
nice arrangement
good lyric
keep up the good work

This is a really good song....

Great song with a very strong voice, somehow reminding me of Van Morrison.
It's got a nice jazzy tonality to it
The hook (and ending of the chorus) is brilliant, well done!
The bass is very well played with a beautiful tone
Arrangement of the strings is very nice
Good harmonies, enhancing the lead vocals
Break with guitar followed by the modulation is beautiful

Great song, the opening line captures your attention and keeps it. When the song really gets up to speed the back grounds ad color and fullest to the vocal. Wished it was longer because the groove really had me locked in. Maybe even a verse with a sax solo to make it a touch longer. Real gem loved every second of it.

It was a very quirky and original arrangement. When the groove was on, I liked how it moved. Good lyrical content.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer BillDake Publisher billdakemusic
Performance Bill Dake Label None
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