Doing It

Story Behind The Song

A demo in a day layed down in the moment. I performed this song live in my studio with a few quick overdubs to catch the vibe for future recording. I am also working on this one as a short film. And on the "New England Gothic" CD. The short video / film is a tale of stalking). It is a twisted and creepy redemption piece. Coming soon...

Song Description

Does the thought of being caught "doing it" excite you??? Do you like to watch others doing it? see lyrics for additional verse in full version of song in production.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, On Cloud Nine Subject Touching, Sex Acts
Similar Artists The Ramones, Kiss Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Doin It" Words and Music ©2005

Huggin and Kissin
Rubbin and lovin
Touchin and Feelin
Standin and Kneelin
When someone walked in the door
You were on your knees he was on the floor
Where were you?

Where were you
Doin It, Doin It, Doin It
It's a fact you were caught in the act... where were you?

In the park after dark
In a car late at night
After school behind a store
In a bush in your parents bed
When they walked in the door
You were on your knees she was on the floor
Where were you?

Chorus: (same)
Bridge Solo

In a dressin room
On a graveyard tomb
Highway head
Vroom vroom vroom
Mile high club
A neighbors hot tub
When they walked out to swim
You were bouncing up and down on him
Where were you?

Chorus repeats and fades

Douglas Branson aka dB+1
exit4music publishing
Rat Tale Records

I did like the song -- it seemed to be intentionally driving the way "doing it" is. And the song was catchy. I liked the vocals. Overall, the song was crunchy -- the way I suppose punk needs to be.

Straight fives: terrific sleazy punk, served up quick, sloppy with big portions like punk should be! Kind of like Black Flag. Gravely voices, fuzzy guitars as if played with three chords but we all know you're going up and down the fretboard. Punchy notes. Melodically, it's memorable with a good hook, and that makes a difference. Nice job!

Interesting and well instrumented piece that knocks your socks off. Very good and original chord progressions.Great guitar work and a voice that is ideal for a piece like this.

Doing it ,doing it ,This song has a great 70's rock feel about it .A bit like T REX?W The song very simple and to the point great bass and lead guitar but nothing over the top and too complex.The vocals really blend in with the song and although the story line is very basic everything works well together .Keep up the good work

Here is a song about sex. Having sex wherever, whenever and getting caught. It is the first time I have ever heard a song on this subject. Original with a memorable hook and very good instrumentation. Lyrics are all easy to understand, and very graphic. Great lead guitar work and the bass is also excellent.

I'm a sucker for all rock music - good songwriting technique especially with no drums....impressed.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Music dB
Producer dB Publisher exit4music
Performance dB on vocals, guitar, bass Label Rat Tale Records

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