Excellent Day

Story Behind The Song

Wow there have been a few versions of this tune. the oldest version was a more punk version called beautiful day. Yes before U2 came out with beautiful day. After their song hit the airwaves(great song by the way). I cast this one aside for a bit. Th

Song Description

Song is about a simple way of looking at every day, and options for making excellent things happen.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Rock - Classic, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Serene, Content Subject Change, Encouragement
Similar Artists The Crash Test Dummies, Radiohead Language English
Era 2000 and later


Excellent Day

It's morning again
and I open my eyes
It's morning again
You're there by my side
It's morning again
the morning light fills your eyes
I'm happy to be alive...

It's the first day
of the rest of your life
something new
and something different
for me and for you
something to do
to get us through
to another day
where we can get up and say
It's an excellent day, all day long


It's a excellent day...
for walking through the park
It's a excellent day
for lying in the sun
for having fun
It's a excellent day
in the mountains..
for meeting a friend
all day long
for writing or singing a song


It's the first day...

Words and Music by Douglas Branson
All Rights Reserved ©2003
Rat Tale Records exit4music

I love it when you get into the verse, "It's an EXCELLENT DAY!" That definitely is the hook, and you wisely repeat it over and over. It's a let's get it on song, loaded with phrases that are cliches but they work! Instruments, studio work, recording, is superb. Sounds just the way good ol' rock and roll should sound. Vocals have the everyday kind of guy appeal and sang very well. Overall, makes me feel like going outside among the grass and the trees, lay back and having a beer!

some good guitar licks... nice progressive rock song...

Song is clever and catchy!! THe arrangement works well and matches the era and the vocal feel. Lead guitar is well played and appropriate for the style.

Nice happy go lucky sound with a good beat and a really cool vibe. Sounds like something the Kinks would have done back in the day.

Nice clean guitar sound.Cool guitar soloing during the verses.

Similar to Lou reed or maybe some old Velvet Underground, maybe the tune " Perfect Day " ... it's an excellent day indeed.

Very nice, reminds me of a song from the sixties, perhaps the Yardbirds or the Animals. Nice retro groove. Lyrics are fun to listen to. Very capable bass player. I like the guitar solo playing in the background, nice touch. The slide guitar at the intro reminds me of George Harrison.

It's a good effort but needs some work.

great vocal and musical style...bob Dylanish

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Music dB
Producer dB+1, David McCormack Publisher exit4music
Performance dB Vocal and Guitar, David McCormack, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keys Label Rat Tale Records

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