I'm Not Laughing About It

Story Behind The Song

This one comes from just being around the streets of Philadelphia, South Street especially...hanging with a skateboard and at the t-shirt shops, or Zine shops, wearing punk rock style clothes from our local thrift shops..Making noise about people that hate what they do not understand.

Song Description

The song is not too deep just a punk clothed urban kid asking a simple question.

Song Length 3:27 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Punk
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Enraged, Incensed
Subject Universe, Regret Similar Artists The Clash, Kid Rock
Language English Era 2000 and later


I'm Not Laughing About It c 2003

See that look of hate in your eyes
think there will be a nuclear war; we'll all die
you gave up on life and don't even try.
one thing I wish money could buy...
an answer to the question why.
you laugh at someone else...laugh at yourself

Ah ah ha ah ha ha ha ha...ha ha
I'm laughing about it, I'm crying about it...
I'm dying...asking myself
why aye aye aye
why When I'm in love with life
Why is all this hate in this world

combat boots and leather and spikes and chains.
crazy nights going insane.
pierced ears, pierced nose and punk rock clothes
spiked hair mohawk and cool hip talk
hey where'd you get those clothes, at a thrift shop?
yeah and I like em!
this is the life that I chose.

chorus repeats:

Words and Music by Douglas. Branson
All Rights Reserved c 2003
Rat Tale records / exit4music

I really enjoyed the vocalist. Very unique voice that works really well for this style of music!

Really well written and performed song!! It has a legitimate, authentic darkness that comes through so well......like the Sex Pistols!! Vocal and performance are excellent!!

Very creative piece. Sounds a little like there's some Zappa influence. Really good message. Instrumentation is good, and vocals work real good with this piece.

Good message in this song.
Nice bass lines here.
Good drums.
Sounds like a great live track.

The vocals sounded great. The instrumentation was good. The guitars were nice and thick. The lyrics were great.

Like the fearless vocals! and the lyrics are actually meaningful nice work!

kinda sounds like the iggy pop and the stooges..pretty cool..i don't typically listen to this genre..but that being said, I can still appreciate what your doing here. Also, your phrasing is very good. Very sarcastic in spots like billie idol or the sex pistols.. meaning you sing with attitude

I like the angst you show in this song. Some panning of the instruments could help the lyric stand out better. The vocals stood out better in the second half of the song. It might work better if the vocals were recorded so they were a little more up front instead of sitting so far back in the mix. At about the 2:45 mark it sounds like the bass needs to be cleaned up a bit - some discordant notes there?

I like the song. It has a punk feel. I like the guitar. I think the song is original but it does have an Alice Cooper feel to it.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music dB
Producer dB Publisher exit4music multimedia
Performance dB + 1, Tobias Feeley all instruments (ripping solo) Label Rat Tale Records

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