Laughin Bout It (96)

Story Behind The Song

This one comes from just being around the streets of Philadelphia, South Street especially...hanging with a skateboard and at the t-shirt shops, or Zine shops, wearing punk rock style clothes from our local thrift shops..Making noise about people that hate what they do not understand.

Song Description

This was the first demo back in 1995, recorded on a Yamaha 4 track. The lyrics evolved with every Performance. And Chorus is now - why is all this hate in this world? There is an updated demo in my profile, and a live performance.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rock - New Wave, Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Troubled Subject Change, Life
Similar Artists Simple Minds, Oasis Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


I'm Not Laughing About It - first demo ©1995

See that look of hate in your eyes
You think there will be a nuclear war; we'll all die
you gave up on life and don't even try.
one thing I wish money could buy...
an answer to the question why?
you laugh at someone else...laugh, laugh at yourself

Ah ah ha ah ha ha ha ha...ha ha
I'm laughing about it, I'm crying about it...
I'm dying...asking myself
why aye aye aye
why, When I'm in love with life
Why is all this hate in this world?

Combat boots and leather and spikes and chains.
Crazy nights going insane.
Pierced ears, pierced nose and punk rock clothes
Spiked hair Mohawk and cool hip talk
Hey where'd you get those clothes, at a thrift shop??
Yeah and I like em!
This is the life that I chose.

chorus repeats:

Words and Music by Douglas. Branson
All Rights Reserved ©1995 Rat Tale records™ / exit4music

Cool, entertaining piece with a good message, and loaded with wit. Instrumentation and arrangement is just right for this piece. Really cool ending.

This song fun to listen too. It has a good message. I like the intro a lot. The vocals are very good. The tune and arrangement are good. The singing guitar in the background is neat.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music dB
Producer dB Performance dB Guitars, vocals, Keys, Joey Bruno Drums, Shonn Lead Guitar
Label Rat Tale records™

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