Ode To Kurt Cobain

Story Behind The Song

Shonn came over to a session with this piece around 1996 and told me I could do something with it. I don't think he was ever fully pleased with this. The music is very cool and I think he felt deserved something else lyrically he may have been right, although I immediately laid the lyrics on in an artistic fervor one evening. If I had only had more time, better gear, better better better...The chase for what is important in life. The artist Kurt Cobain's contribution to music and popular culture lives on. Thank you Kurt.

Song Description

This was a stream of consciousness right after hearing of Kurt's apparent suicide.

Song Length 1:39 Genre Spoken Word - Experimental, Spoken Word - Poetry
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Peaceful Subject Sadness, Addiction
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Oh Merciful God...
You give your children talent
creative genius-
passion for living
the quest for knowledge
you give us music
so we can rejoice
You give us an audience
with a listening ear
help us achieve fame and fortune
and give us the ability to take
our own life at the height of our career-
I shed a tear for the ones who are burning
so bright they can't
bear to live thru another day or night
such a waste-
is there no way to decide when it's right
and when it's wrong
for taking a man in the middle of his song?
watch the drugs...
for as much as they inspire
and kill the pain...
they scramble your thoughts
and can end your life...

interesting song. yes, his death was uncalled for. yet, we all have the choice. brave topic to write about, certainly worth thinking about. enjoyed the background instruments. this artist is good with a "talking" song

most interesting, intriguing and mind swamping. I enjoyed it very much thank you.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music Shonn-Y-Sinn
Producer Douglas Branson Publisher exit4music
Performance dB on Vocals, Shonn on all instruments Label Rat Tale Records

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