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Story Behind The Song

Kicking a power beat with electronic groove...Macintosh production studio with goodies and some inspiration.

Song Description

MMM. movie soundtrack with some killer back beat for intense segue, scene, scenario... Dark Video Game Track.

Song Length 2:00 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Trance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Restless, Nervous Subject Money, Existence

Nice electronic! Pro production!

Could hear this pumping through the walls of a nightclub. Great groove.

Laurent Garnier, wherever you are, you must listen to this! Good classic techno. I enjoy the subtle instrumentation with the solid beats. It's catchy, too.

I assume this is just a snippet?

I like the groove of the track, the conga/bongo line works well. the synth that comes in around 1.23, for example, is good and works well with the track

I like to listen to this kind of electronic music when I am polishing my shoes; arranging my pet rock collection or when I'm making pancakes in the shape of jelly fish. It's kind of hard to do. Making jelly fish blob pancakes, that is. This kind of heavy beat funk music is perfect for feeding my parrot, playing croquet with Greg and moving toy army soldiers on crayon colored papers. I like to fry eggs up in the evenings pretty much all the time - so I'm going start playing this...

Kicks off straight away into a lovely full and menacing groove. Great distorted stuff in background.
Wonderful bottom end. Nice fluttery, buttery synths clucking along, I like that a lot.

Nice instrumental with soothing sounds and rock beat.

Nice strong beat. Great dance track.

Very nice loop! Great for production work for sure!

Lyrics N.A. Music dB+1 douglas Branson
Producer Douglas Branson Publisher exit4music
Performance dB Label Rat Tale Records

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