Suicide Bomber

Story Behind The Song

We went into the studio before International Peace Day...September 21st, 2003...cut the song. Tobias extremely cool guitar solo and performance makes this song. We feel that this song version is a good demo and could be re-recorded and arranged to become a timely pop culture classic. 2018 notes and updates: I am cutting a video to the song. I take the topic seriously and hope the video will be well received.

Song Description

This song is dedicated to a gentleman who was injured in a suicide bombing. He is a friend's brother in law. He was injured badly; had both legs amputated. Since my brother in law travels a lot it is a topic close to my art.

Song Length 4:08 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Hard Rock
Mood Distressed, Poignant Subject Change, Frustration
Similar Artists Iggy Pop, The Who Language English
Era 2000 and later


Suicide Bomber - words and music ©2003 Douglas Branson ASCAP

Mailing a letter, mailing a letter,
to yourself, no one else
Sending a package, sending a package,
in the mail, without fail
Wearing a bomb now, wearing bomb now,
under your clothes, no one knows
Why would you do it, why would you do it,
you don't know, I suppose

Some of us don't understand,
what makes them bad women and men
some of us don't understand, but we all know things are getting out of hand in the world and this land...

Suicide bomber, suicide bomber, suicide bomber, suicide bomber, suicide bomber

you blew my world apart....
Now I look deep down in my heart
I just can't see why you'd hurt you or me
your filled with animosity and hostility
in this world of high technology
we can live oh so peacefully

transistors, resistors, capacitors, circuit boards, microchips, manual overload, internet providers

you and me...just like you and me, just like you and me living peacefully, no animosity
just like you and me, just like you and me, living peacefully, no hostility

Changing your tune now, changing your tune now, making a change, change of heart
changing your tune now, making a change, change of heart


some of us don't understand, neither does the FBI, the CIA, or Uncle Sam.

suicide bomber, suicide bomber... 10x??
peace and love songs...(counter melody)

suicide bomber, you're a bummer

maybe peace, prayers, and love songs will save us all...

Got that British rock vibe. I liked the idea and the siren.

Took me a minute to get into it, but this song is pretty fun. Definite a good Pixies vibe, vocalizations remind me of They Might Be Giants, and the overall feel is definitely Alt/Punk.

Lyrically, this is clearly scathing rhetoric on the state of politics and foreign policy, picking at the undercurrents of the time it was written (early 2000s). I especially love the part near the end, with "suicide bomber" and "peace and love songs" playing against each other.

Structurally, this song is full of surprises, but in that good garage-punk Pixies feel that keeps the listener interested. The solo section is right on, especially the second half.

Oh, and I love the use of harmonies in this song. Right from the middle of the first part, they are tasty.

I would definitely listen to this again.

Huge sound right out of the box. Good concept... I like that you are addressing a contemporary problem facing America. Lots of passion in these tracks. Nice guitar work. Good arrangement. The use of effects are purposeful and appropriate. Love the approach.... loose 1960s sound with a Sex Pistols recording and writing skill.

Only took three notes and it already sounded like Bowie meets the Clash. Very compelling lyrically, as if trying to analyze a sick and deranged mind. Very original idea. Excellent mix and arrangement here too. Great song.

The vocals sound great have there own tone and uniqueness. Great job over all. Sounds like an anthem

Love the raw punk rock sound. The arrangement is interesting as well and I like the way it doesn't follow a predictable structure. For me the lyrics and vocals are the best. I think the singer suits this style really well. Great hook in the first chorus "Suicide Bomber, suicide bomber etc.''

good raw punkish indie rock track with a slightly controversal theme. i liked the style and energy. would sound great live too

Great energy and feel to this track. The lyrics are playful and unique. Loved the hook.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music dB
Producer Douglas Branson / Mel Paskell (engineer) Publisher exit4music
Performance dB+1 vocals, Tobias Feeley (John Holmes Band) guitars, bass, drums Label Rat Tale Records
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Suicide Bomber - Peace and Love Songs

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