Terrible Videos on MTV

Story Behind The Song

Are there really any terrible videos? matter of like and dislike..does the song appeal to you?..is the acting/performance something that turns you on? Was it filmed and produced well? The ticket sales, CD and record sales usually tell the story. I just wanna be...

Song Description

This is a short farce and quirky song about wanting to make a terrible video and be in the top one hundred.

Song Length 1:50 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Frantic Subject Disgust, Television
Similar Artists Beck, Radiohead Language English
Era 2000 and later


Terrible Videos on MTV
Terrible Videos on MTV
Terrible Videos on MTV
Terrible Videos on MTV
The top one hundred's where I Wanna Bee
The top one hundred videos

Remember the good old days of punk where a bunch of doofs scratched out some snotty lyrics, blasted out three simple chords in their garage, and had a great time serving it up, blemishes and all? Well, here you go with discontented philosophy over MTV and done very well. It won't change your life and won't make you think of California Dreamin', but still a peek into some good old fun we had just for the hell of playing...and that's what good ol' rock and roll is about...music for everyone!

Post punk feel and vibe here. Good song and Idea but dated a bit with the MTV reference.

Nice beat introduces this very basic, simple track with a driving message: Terrible videos on MTV. There's a spoken word part at the end. I'm thinking this is meant to be a novelty, funny piece. It's unique for sure!

I like the hook! It's like Video Killed The Radio Star but a modern version.

This song captures authentically, the sound of British punk and disco influenced band of the 70s and 80s. I love the line "I'm a Wanna Be"!!! This song takes me back to a time of innovation and exploration in music. Great job in writing an interesting piece of music and fun lyrics.

Very cool beginning, I like the sound of the drums and yeah, I really never liked many of the MTV video's myself - so I can relate.

Overall a fun, catchy, punk opinionated vibe. Lyrically solid without thinking too much. You made your point and it is well stated.

wow that's different! Sounds like U-2 absolutely love the theme and I couldn't agree more! Im an old music teacher and it certainly is interesting where music is headed.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music dB
Producer dB Publisher exit4music
Performance dB on Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums Label Rat Tale Records
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