THE RANT (v15)

Story Behind The Song

This one... was co written from a simple riff. I needed to get these emotions out and was listening to one of my favs Jello Biafra and D.O.A. I was told by a few that this reminds them of a Godsmack delivery. I am a big fan of balance so when I do some screaming and shouting at the mic I tip the scales - a bit.

Song Description

This was an exorcism for me. I like to release my frustration, this song accomplishes this. I like to also release energy and blow off steam by bowling, hitting tennis balls, or...Zizzing off a bridge, Riding in the wind, Banging on Drums, Cranking up the car stereo...etc

Song Length 3:26 Genre Rock - Punk, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Incensed, Livid Subject Peace, Violence
Similar Artists DOA, Godsmack Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


The Rant
Some People are sick
just sick sick sick
sick of it
sick and tired of being hired then fired
tired of being wired

Some people are homesick
they miss their home
they're tired of being alone
waiting by the phone

Some People are lovesick
sick of falling in and out of love
_ucking and then being _ucked

Some People are kill sick
they want to hurt others
because they hate themselves
they're just sick sick sick

I said, you said, who said what?
but oh shut up _uck up
what's up? what are you saying?
what're you looking at
What'd you mean by that crap?
I didn't mean it the way it sounded
_uck if you didn't...who gave you the right?
who gave you the right?

Who gave you the right?
who cares after you're dead
what you actually did or said?
or even what you read
speak or don?t
just don?t tell me what I said was wrong
if you've got something to say
stop making your speech so long
instead of saying it you should be singing it
yeah singing a song

Who gave you the right?
who gave you the right?
who gave you the right?

Guitar starts of with a good metal riff and strong back beat and the lyrics quickly take it in a whole new direction. I like the way the song moved, an overall good composition.

Excellent marriage of lyrics, tone, and simple melody. Starts off with a heavy metal intro, runs into a punk rap, but keeps what made punk rock great with its unvarnished commentary. Instrumentation sticks to a hard driving simple chord structure. Very good mixing. The song delivers exactly what it's supposed to.

Cool song with a good original idea and a really cool riff. Really good guitar work. Sounds like a really good fusion of punk rock and heavy metal.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Music DOUGLAS BRANSON / HERC FEDE
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