TV is Perfect

Story Behind The Song

After a taco lunch on 4th and South Street (Philly), While getting ready to put on the helmet and ride off to other things. I over heard a conversation on the sidewalk about how TV is so this was a quicky demo right at the next moment.

Song Description

TV Characters and Movie Roles can illustrate the perfect people or perfect life. Can we only hope to live up to it???

Song Length 1:57 Genre Rock - Punk, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Poignant, Cool
Subject Movies, Television Similar Artists David Bowie, Mott The Hoople
Language English Era 2000 and later


TV is Perfect (1:57)

Everybody's talking bout nothing at all
Talking bout something that they did or saw
Talking bout Somewhere that they been
Talking bout someone they done

TV is so perfect
People on the tube are perfect too
Aren't you?

Everybody's always working at a
Working at a shitty job
Working for someone that don't even care
Telling them pull up a chair
Life is never always fair
People are always broke, what a joke

People on the tube are so perfect
TV is perfect too...Aren't you?

TV is my God

TV is so perfect
People on the tube are perfect too
Aren't you?
Tv's so perfect...
Why aren't you?

Words and Music Douglas Branson ©1997-2005

I love that flute!!!! It absolutely made the song. And the acoustic steely sounding guitar went very well with it. It almost sounded like an electric guitar that was not plugged in. The edgy singing style and lyrics gave the punk rock flavor to the song. I have never heard flute used in punk before but it sure was great!! It sounded like a real flute and not a synthesized one. I could hear the blow variances in the instrument which you don't get with the fake stuff. Very rare even to hear flute in rock (Jethro Tull, Moody Blues) but I have NEVER heard it in punk rock-brilliant!

Really cool song!! Very interesting use of the melodic flute with the punkish sentiment!! Works very well!! Love the arrangement and the whole vibe of the song! Great flute player!!

I like the social commentary of this song. Definitely a punk vibe.

Very intriguing and amusing piece with a much different message than the norm. Short and sweet, interesting and entertaining.

Well, the kind of had a Jethro Tull meets the Violent Femmes vibe to it. Very original I must say. The more heard, the more I liked it. The guitar part was definitely catchy as were the vocals.

I hear a David Bowie influence and lyrically Bob Dylan, and some Mott the Hoople. The lyrics make a statement. This is almost a punky folk song. I like the uniqueness of the song. The singer's delivery really makes the listener pay attention to what's happening in the song. Lyrically, there's plenty here for most of us to relate to.

This sounds like something that would work well as a weird fulcrum in the middle of an album.

I think the reverb works well with the weird chorusy guitar.

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Music dB
Producer dB+1 Joe Bruno Publisher exit4music
Performance dB Vox and Guitar, Flute Chris McVeigh, Percusion Joe Bruno Label Rat Tale records™

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