Your Boyfriend is a Dick

Story Behind The Song

Chicks, Babes, Hotties, Ladies; Girls. Women when tested often think our name is asshole or dick. We come back for more....cause we love em, and what's not to love??? Good Conversation, That feeling that "Chemistry" on Fire, Eyes, Hair, Curves, soft and fragrant skin, and the way they taste!

Song Description

This is dedicated to all the girls who deserve better but settle for less.

Song Length 3:48 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - New Wave
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Mixed Vocals
Mood Annoyed, Diplomatic Subject Bad Love, Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists Radiohead, Oasis Language English
Era 2000 and later


Your Boyfriend is a Dick - ©1999
Your boyfriend he stays out late
He doesn't come home, doesn't even call
and your boyfriend he's no friend at all
he stays out late and he doesn't even call

your boyfriend he stops and stares
at every girl that happens to walk on by
and he doesn't even try to conceal his glance
he's walking around in another girls pants

your boyfriend
your boyfriend
your boyfriend
Your boyfriend....He's a dick
at least he thinks with it

There?s not enough beer in this world
to make him appear better than he is
He's like a monkey with a tin cup
he talks about himself, he never gives up (measure of instrument)

On Sundays can't get him off the couch
he watches NASCAR till he passes out
He does't ever listen, to what you say
he's looking at Baywatch while your kissing

Yes your boyfriend
your boyfriend
your boyfriend
Your boyfriend...He's a dick
or at least he thinks with it

Bridge... Why are you with him still... he doesn't pay attention to you...he never will, he's kissing
someone should be too.....

Yes your boyfriend he stops and stares
at every girl that happens to walk on by
he doesn't even try to conceal his glance
he's walking around in another girls pants
your boyfriend he's a dick
he doesn't deserve you the girl he's with
boyfriend, he's a dick
he doesn't deserve you.
he doesn't deserve you.
he doesn't deserve you
your boyfriend, your boyfriend

This song is hilarious lol. Definitely could work in any teenage comedy/drama show/film.

Blink 182 style...Love it!

The lyrics made me laugh :) The production is solid and rocking, and the voice is well-suited to the Offspring-style rock.

Did Weezer and Green Day get together to record a terrific song? Those straightforward clever and snarky lyrics have me thinking, "Yeah, exactly!" The instruments are cherry picked and played to perfection. This is one of those songs that could have been a college favorite, a cult movie favorite, and still would be an excellent pick for any alternative rock album. Well, quit reading this and listen to it!

I love this song!!! This is great! I have this on one of my playlist! I hope you never stop making music, I love your stuff!

Would have been a definite hit in the late nineties or early aughties. If that's what you are shooting for then it's perfect for a movie during opening, ending credits or a montage with scenes from that time period. Also reminded me of 'Fountains of Wayne' who I admire. A definite plus that it wasn't over produced.

The vocal reminds me of a band called The Flys.....the lyrical style and chords are reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne

This is not only a very humorous and entertaining piece, but also very well arranged and produced. Instrumentation is top notch. Sounds like Zappa meets Weird Al. Great work.

This song is great and has A TON OF POTENTIAL!! The song seems its crafted very well and even has a very funny plot to it. The arrangement is right on the money and the recording seems top notch! I like the fact that the artist doesn't feel the need to rhyme every verse and mixes it up with rhymes and non-rhymes! This artist reminds me of a few different artists, Weird Al Yankovic, and George Thorogood comes to mind right off hand.

Nice work. :D I had a great time listening! And it made me laugh in a good way. :)

Might get a few giggles from 14 year old adolescent boys.

Lyrics Douglas Branson Music dB
Producer Matt Russo and Douglas Branson Publisher exit4music ©1999
Performance dB vocals, Mattew Russo instruments and percussion, John Couch Lead Guitar, Nora Tragianese background vocals Label Rat Tale Records
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