Your Boyfriend is a Dick (Pop Version)

Story Behind The Song

Well Got a while....? What can I say, I am a Dick! or used to be, or think with it. The song is about guys like me. When I presented this one to some of the songwriters...The one comment that stood out...was I can picture you walking around in another girls underwear. Naw!

Song Description

Funny and Humorous Party Song... high school, college, and dating experience...What are you doing with "him" girl?

Song Length 3:57 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, In High Spirits Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Bad Love
Similar Artists Beck, Collective Soul Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Your Boyfriend ©1999
Your boyfriend he stays out late
He doesn't come home, doesn't even call
Yes your boyfriend he?s no friend at all
He stays out late and he doesn't even call

Your boyfriend he stops and stares
At every girl that happens to walk on by
And he doesn't even try to conceal his glance
He's walking around in another girls pants

your boyfriend
your boyfriend
your boyfriend
Your boyfriend....He's a dick
at least he thinks with it

There's not enough beer in this world
To make him appear better than he is
He's like a monkey with a tin cup
He talks about himself, he never gives up

On Sundays you can't get him off the couch
He watches NASCAR till he passes out
He does't ever listen, to what you say
He?s looking at Baywatch while your kissing

Yes your boyfriend
Your boyfriend
Your boyfriend
Your boyfriend...He's a dick
Or at least he thinks with it

Yes your boyfriend he stops and stares
At every girl that happens to walk on by
He doesn't even try to conceal his glance
He's walking around in another girls pants
Your boyfriend he's a dick
He doesn't deserve you the girl he's with
Boyfriend, he's a dick
He doesn't deserve you.
He doesn't deserve you.
He doesn't deserve you
your boyfriend, your boyfriend

Like it very much, it's got a sense of humour to it. The sparse opening works very well and the vocals which reeks of sarcasm works really well for this tune. Nice fairly subtle instrumentation then you have the electric coming in with a decent amount of dirt. Love it!

Very cute and catchy piece. Very witty lyrics. Instrumentation is just right for a piece like this.

Cool pop rock feel almost like a sum 41 or blink 182 earlier days....
The vocal feels raw with some attitude, makes it feel like the singer has some real contempt for this boyfriend guy and really doesn't like him and wants to do something about it.
The guitars sound great in the mix, cutting through the sonic field!

I like this song. The vocals are really great. The lyrics are great. The guitar is very tastefully done. The pad in the background is also a tasteful touch. The arrangement is really good. I like the touch of the girl talking in the background. Nice touch. I love it. Keep it up.

At first, when I started hearing the first few lines, I thought the worst but HELL was I wrong!! Had me chuckling and foot tapping, a bit of gold here. I LOVED it!! Awesome work! It'll be in my head for a loooong time haha

This song made me laugh, I was listening wit a smile on my face. This could be a great song for a movie or even on any pop radio these days. It's different than most songs. Good work!

lovely simple pop tune with a sinister message about your cheating boyfriend. :) this is a fun tune. Not sure if you are going for the comedy market but seems to be a certain tongue in cheek tone to the vocal

Good lyrical content vocals sound good
Cool all round sound it will sound good on a teen movie soundtrack.

Pretty creative. Nice concept. Reminds me of maybe Dead Milkmen or Ween or even a little bit like Puddle of Mudd(lyrics wise) possibly. It could have some uses, but those would probably be fairly specific. It might be a little hard to market this song but I don't think that means there's no use for it.

catchy tune with warm feeling, with some killer words. GREAT!!!

Lyrics Douglas Branson aka dB +1 Music dB
Producer Bobbi Tammaro(, douglas Branson Publisher exit4music ©1999
Performance dB vocals, John Couch Guitar, Bobbi Tammaro all other instruments Label Rat Tale Records
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