Near Life Experience

Story Behind The Song

So much of what is written here is from close call experiences, including the vivid dream sequence of verse three. It only takes a second for life to change.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed Language English
Era 2000 and later


Near Life Experience

I went flyin' round that curve doin' ninety-miles per laughin' til the wheels left the road
My truck landed on its top before comin' to a stop I thought my heart was goin' to explode
My life flashed before my eyes while I stared in dumb surprise
Hiding it with teenage arrogance
Tho' I was shakin' in my shoes just my ego had been bruised
& I walked away from a near life experience

On a humid night one June 'neath the shadow of the moon I met a girl who took my breath away
With no time to rehearse we both dove in heart first stayed up all night to greet a brand new day
moved out to the country side renting a rundown double wide
Sheltered by the grace of ignorance
Young enough to lose it all & no net to break our fall
We both grew up in a near life experience

I used to fill my glass to drown the errors of my past
For years a drink was one of my best friends
Now that bottle is long gone cause that girl keeps me strong
Our love survived another near life experience near life experience

Heard the knock upon the door felt my knees drop to the floor - he said they rushed her to emergency
In the hall the doctor stood said he did all that he could - now it's just a game of wait & see
As I watched her lyin' there negotiating with my prayers
I'd trade no matter what the consequence
Then I woke up with a scream relieved to find it was a dream
& not the end of our near life experience near life experience...

Copyright: Donny Vosen

Lyrics Donny Vosen Music Donny Vosen
Producer Donny Vosen Publisher donnyvosongs
Performance Donny Vosen

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