Another Life

Song Description

Rock with a classic rock but metal edge

Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal

Guitars are played well, nice riffs. Vocals had the right pitch. Rhythm section is tight.

Cool guitar transition from the verse to the bridge.

Good quality recording. Nice guitar work!

WOW!! Awesome song, a bit 80's but that works for me :) I really can't fault this much in anyway at all. Brilliant!!

Like the Vocals. The Singer has a really good Tone to his Voice. Chorus is nice and full.

Guitarist has nice Skills.

Song is catchy, riff is cool.

Nice hair band sound. The reverb makes it sound more legit to be a classic rock band. The instrumental was on point as well, nicely blended together.

I think this song has the potential to be better than it presents itself in this recording. There is too much reverb and the recording sounds like its in a tunnel. I cannot understand the lyrics enough because they don't stand out over the Music. This is not a bad review and I think this band is very good and tight and appear to play well together. Its just the recording that needs some work in my opinion. I wasn't even able to pick out the songs name because I wasn't hearing the lyrics well enough. I would gladly listen to the song again, because its good Music, so I think the only thing holding it back is the quality of the recording and over use of effects.

Damn this is a blast from the past. 30 years ago, this could have been a hit? Haha. You've nailed the style you were going for I reckon, sounds a lot like classic era Dokken with vocals and riffing like you have. Great stuff. I really enjoyed the guitar solo, some ripping stuff in there.

This initial riff of the song sounds similar to Motley Crue's "Looks that kill". Even the guitar solo is very reminiscent of that time period. The mix is done very well. Excellent musicians the vocalist fits the song perfectly.

This song rocks!!! Great lead guitar! This song has potential!!

I like this song. It has that old time hard rock sound and feel.

nice job here! I really like the guitar work.the opening bass line is sweet.strong vocals reminds of early def leppard (the best def lep.)good work guys.

Great groove & excellent performance!

Great energy and sound. Instrumentation is excellent. Every track is tight. The song itself is reminiscent of UFO, which is a good thing. Enjoyed every second of the track. Great job guys!

good sound...I get the progression...good guitar leads

great tune if it was 1983, unfortunately for you and me it's not

powerful old school metal!! vocals are clear and high! great guitar work! great musicianship all around!!

Well recorded 80's style headbangin! Playing is spot on, a half-timing in the tempo is pretty cool

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