American Pride

Song Description

celebrating those who served.

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - General, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Power, Pride Language English
Era 2000 and later


American Pride
c. King and Blair

(drum beat)

Listen everyone I got something to say
There's people right here in good ole the U.S.A.
Who think living here is their God given right
It's theirs, without having to fight:

Well I'm here to tell you that notion needs to change
You gotta pay for your ticket on the freedom train:

There's a spirit going round
called American Pride, American Pride
You can disagree with me if you see another side,
But, I'll stand behind this country and all who gave their lives
With the blood of American Pride, American Pride.

Do you ever wonder when someone's life is lost
If their brave sacrifice is really worth the cost
The family is torn, the country shares their pain
A future's cut short but it's not in vain:

Well I'm here to tell you we should be giving praise
For those who died defending the American way:

Repeat chorus.
(Plus) American Pride. American Pride. American Pride
(N0 everybody stand up or spirit going round)
Do you feel a tingle when the flag is going by
Does the light of freedom shines brightly in your eyes
Some people may've come from places far and wide
But in their hearts, they've got American Pride:

chorus. as in 2nd one.
(Plus) there's a spirit going round called American Pride.

Lyrics glen king Music diana blair
Performance lori hall
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