No Illustrated Man (Pop/Rock)

Song Description

Don't need no damn tattoos, life alone has inked me...yep!!

Song Length 2:14 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Green Day Language English
Era 2000 and later


No Illustrated Man
© 2018 Words and Music by Warren Hein

Don't need no damn tattoos
Life alone has inked me
No illustrated man
No one needs to save me
I'm sometimes a bit crude
Got solitude with attitude
One thing I'm not partial to
Is flat out ineptitude (ineptitude)
My heart's still on my sleeve
I don't wear watches
Future's a smile away
I've thrown away my crutches
I'm living proof
All the good don't die young
My strife and splendid life
I've had a damn good run
When I add every slice
I'm a total of my sum
Don't need no damn tattoos
Life alone has inked (made) me
No illustrated man
No one needs to save me
The beating of my heart
Ticks with all my dreams
I don't have the precious time
For cheating and the schemes
Repeat Chorus
No illustrated man
No one needs to save me
No illustrated man
I'm no illustrated man

This is the best song Green Day never wrote. It punches, it moves, it's gritty, and is as defiant as "American Idiot." The melody is great and lyrically unique. It puts forth individualism in a rebellious new way you haven't heard before! Great electric guitars with lots of varied notes from eighth to whole, and powerful vocals. Just plain terrific!

Very well done, voice, rhythm section, all good to go

Tempo and doubled rhythm guitars drives the song with lots of energy.
Bass playing and sound quality adds punch and doesn't muddy the mix.
Verses use complicated words that can be confusing to follow at a fast tempo and fall into a complex song structure.
I need a simple-worded easy-to-follow story-line and a stronger easily repeatable/recognizable hook for a chorus. I can't relate to the title.
Background vocals have nice spread, tone, and harmonic quality.
Snare/drums sound thin and not much "live" ambiance in the mix.
Would like a one-verse ripping guitar solo 'cause it fits in the genre...maybe a "shout chorus" with drums only before a big vamping outro.
Your musical technique and recording/production is really high quality!
Keep the wheels spinning WH.

I liked the song.....very catchy

It's a WOW, Warren, extremely clever! Mrs. Kate

Vocal harmonies stood out-Was it all you Warren?
Sounded great.


Very original and clever song, very well performed with great production. Manages to have punch while also allowing the lyrics to come through clearly. Top class musicianship and vocals. Not sure where the market is but certainly a pop song which deserves to do well - maybe in film or tv?
Lots of luck with the song.

A great rock song with a retro sound. I wouldn't put it as pop-rock though. It's more classic rock of a sort to me.

Wonderful Warren!!!
All the best with it!

The song's instrumentation and production is very good. All the parts and vocal performances very well done, and well recorded. I love the guitars and the background vocals especially. Very good energy throughout.

Arrangement-wise, the only things that I noticed is that there is no musical hook or instrumental breaks in the song. This could make draw the listener in a bit more. The ending is also very sudden and a little unexpected. It's well played and clean, but just sounds as if the song ends unexpectedly soon.

Overall, the production, performance and songwriting is all good. Good luck with your track!

Very likeable pop/rock song. Well constructed. Any changes to the song would be personal preference rather than improvements and therefore not constructive.

It's a great song, very upbeat, fun and good melody. Your hook/title might be hard to figure out as it's not repeated or sang in the chorus, but that's just traditional songwriting. Overall great production, words and music go well together. Original lyrics. I like it.

Very nice recording quality: instrumental blend, vocal/instrumental blend, lead/back-up voicing, and bass/percussion interaction. Very "listenable" and energetic. A little short (good for commercial application), so I listened to it several times.

This song is an excellent one, all the way around. Like Jeff wrote, this guy is a newbie, and either trying to make a bold entrance,or just bloody doesn't know what he's talkin' bout; he's badly off course! I don't even want to go to his page to listen to his music, since he was obviously not constructive or kind with his assessment.

Continue to write, rock and roll!
You're the best!

Peace my friend,

This song just plain ROCKS!

Lyrics Warren Hein Music Warren Hein
Producer Windowman productions/Warren Hein Publisher Warren Hein
Performance Wade Mosher instruments/Mike Guymer vocals
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