praise hallujah psalms 151

Story Behind The Song

This song is about us here on Earth joining in with the choirs of Heavenin Praiseing and Honoring God with Love.

Song Description

I was in a shelter this time last year,with my 5 children i had gotten fired from my nurse aide job for falling aslepp the last hour of my 12 hr shift. I was a nurse aide. I had over did myself I was working 65 to 70 hrs a week and my mom duties. 30 days later i had lost my home and my children and i were in a shelter. This particular shelter every week we were ata church for one week at atime for a little over 90 days. I decided to praise God instead of blaming him for my faults so i would go into the library and write or meditate upon a *soaking dappty keys *mix, one particular one i fell inlove with. fast forward to about a month after the shelter find us a home and were settle in I meet a sungle dad of one who ask me to babysit his daughter. One day i was in the kitchen praising God and he walked in and was like what that a new song, I said no. But then I thought to myself wat if I do share this song with Gods people , I said if I do then I would change the instrumental to a total upbeat high praise composition and so i did, That is the birth of PRAISE HALLALUJAH this song is very special to me. The theme of this song is to join in with the heavenlies and praise God one one accord. This song has a heavenly value. I pray you enjoy as much as I do.I pray the right music publisher is blessed by this song as much as God is!! From start to finish was a bout a year.

Song Length 2:09 Genre Unique - Holiday, Pop - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Delighted, In High Spirits Similar Artists Soul Asylum
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lets bless forever
your majesty of one voice with the heavenlies
Praise hallujah

Lyrics Tiffany A Smith Music GOD HIMSELF

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