Story Behind The Song

Benandonner was a Giant from Norse/Celtic Mythology who was involved with "The Giant's Causeway" between Scotland & Ireland. This song is to depict the strength & power....even though he was afraid of babies!

Song Description

Composed this with the brilliant George Selsky over the past few weeks it's grown into what we have today.

Song Length 5:46 Genre Rock - General, Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Aggressive Subject Determination, Encouragement
Similar Artists Nightwish Language No Language
Era 2000 and later

Very theatrical and epic. Some great guitar work. Can definitely hear this in TV/Film. Nice work.

The intro is sexy and creates good intrigue. Ok big surprise! Thank you for bringing the ROCK! Really great mix, everything is super well balanced... too many Broadjam songs like this shive the lead guitar down your throat, it's just right in the mix here. WOW Rock gods have arrived!! I'm a sucker... I love this!! 80 hair rock on the chill side with fat production... no dancers!!!!

This is like the most EPIC piece I have heard on Broadjam! Very lush keyboard intro. Voices come in. Sounds church-like. Very crispy guitar makes an entrance arpeggiating chords. This has Soundtrack potential! Very dramatic drum entrance! Great lead guitar! Love the pinch harmonics! Love the new emptier vibe. I love this tune! Love the vibrato of the guitar screaming! Strong theme with electric guitar. Love the runs. Volume swells in end are amazing! Great job here! I will go and try to download this!

This is good really good work You guys play like Gods

Nice Job -
Good sounding mix & guitar textures & tones
Keys add a nice texture
tasty guitar licks without trying too hard to play fast
always a better choice!

Brilliant and chilling piece with really good highs and lows. Instrumentation and arrangement are top-notch. The power is almost overwhelming. Reminiscent of a lot of Pink Floyd's stuff. Outro is very original.

Music Ian Ritchie/George Selsky (Equally) Producer Ian Ritchie/George Selsky
Performance Ian Ritchie/George Selsky
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