Story Behind The Song

Inspired by Scott Tingley and his Daughter's walks in the woods...so sweet!!! I dedicate it to Scott and His Daughter! May you always love! :)

Song Description

This is a sweet song Scott would sing to his little girl while walking in the woods,(to keep her interest) looking at Purple Spring Flowers! :) Very Inspiring! Thanks Scott!

Song Length 2:55 Genre New Age - Progressive, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Adorable, Cool Subject Relationship, Land


Purple Spring Flower

Purple spring flowers
I gather for you,
sunlight and violet
with light shades of blue

"Purple spring flowers, how they remind me of you..."

A meadow in springtime
at last becomes green,
the flowers in your palm,
the sweetest I've ever seen

"Purple spring flowers, how they remind me of you..."

Purple spring flowers
bloom bright in the spring,
by dawn of September,
they sleep once again

Purple spring flowers I pick for you
Purple spring flowers a melody I sing for you
Purple spring flowers I pick for you.....

Wow this is good. The mixing is killer, like the voice a lot. Very original makes me want to listen to other songs.

Lyrics Scott Tingley Music Lori Jennerjohn
Producer Lori Jennerjohn Publisher Lori Jennerjohn
Performance Lori Jennerjohn Label Lori Jennerjohn
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