Rudness In Deskize

Story Behind The Song

Watching relationships fall apart because of rudeness is hard!

Song Description

Language and minds have change so much I just want to point out the change! It is not good...and I want to enspire Good! :)

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - Rock, New Age - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Beside Yourself, Welcoming Subject Present, Determination
Similar Artists Carrie Underwood, Black Eyed Peas Language English
Era 1990 - 1999



Look at all the crazy people in the world
It just amasses me how they speak there words
Take a poke like its a joke think'n that they said someth'n wise
I don't have no time for Rudeness In Deskize NO NO...

Self-conceded, manipulated, frustrated, I've waited but those days are faded
Time's have changed and people did too, they found out who you were and it ended in "F" you
You made a pact, thinking it would stay true.
Don't put yourself out there and the pain won't fall on you
But Karma's on its way, gonna make a switch...ha ha isn't that and bitch?
Look at yourself tell me what you see Remember the truth will set you free

Look around crazy people here my cries then realize
I don't got no time for Rudeness in deskize no... no...

Look at all the crazy people in the world
It just amazes me how they all whisper
Stupid lies right before my eyes
Then deny and reason why
I don't got no time for Rudeness in Deskize
I don't got no time for Rudeness in Deskize No NO!

Hated, Jaded, Miss-Calculated, I've contemplated but get your facts cause you under-estimated
You had to push and shut the door behind. I was the back-up never on your mind.
It took a while to get it through my head, this is a vision write down what I said.
Karma's on its way gonna make a switch...Ha..Ha Isn't that a Bitch!
Have the secrets, believe your lies, no alibis.
These words are my last goodbyes!

Look around crazy people here my cries then realize
I don't got no time for Rudeness in deskize no... no...

I like this because it is fresh and new. I like when an artist thinks out of the box. I like the synth sounds. The rhythm really sounds neat. The effects on the vocals are really neat. The arrangement is also very good.

Very original sounding track. I'll admit I didn't know what to think when it first came on. It kinda reminds me of the "Lime and Coconut." But about mid way through, I found my head bobbing and I was really digging the groove. It also took me a second to get into the effect on the vocals.The effects made it difficult for me to understand the lyrics. However, I think the effects really went well with the overall feel of the song. I really give you credit for taking so many chances on this. This is what independent music should be about. Musicians being true artists and challenging their audience. Great job!!!!

Originality that excites from the off. And then holds the interest all the way through.

Creative tune here. I liked the instrumentation. Quirky beats. Definitely gets your attention. A fun song over all. I think it may take a little searching to match it with the right project given its uniqueness but I think when you do find the right match it will work well.

The first few notes had me. Great intro! Very original song with some interesting themes going on around the lovely organ sound. Lovely guitar sound.

I loved the lyrics and the feel of the track, really refreshing and different. Kept me interested right to the end with introductions of different samples.

Lyrics Lori Jennerjohn and Jobina Swanka Music Lori Jennerjohn and Jobina Swanka
Producer Lori Jennerjohn Publisher Lori Jennerjohn
Performance Lori Jennerjohn and Jobina Swanka
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