You Need A Wife

Song Length 3:46 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - General
Mood Enchanting, Vicious Subject Engagement, Relationship
Similar Artists Jill Scott, Faith Evans Era 2000 and later


You Need A Wife
Written by: Kevin Randolph, Stacey "Dove" Daniels & Pamela Olivia

Verse I
You've got some issues
That I'd like to attend to
Please open up your mind in need of attention
We should spend some time
So I can get inside your mind
And touch your soul
And live inside your heart ...let me in

But before we go there don't you even start
You've been running away from your heart
In your mind I see your questions
For you I have just one suggestion

You need a wife, in your life
Someone like me to care for your
You need a wife, in your life
A soul mate to hold you
Grow slow with you

Verse II
You need your man time
So I'll give you your space to breathe
'til you beckon me
And I'll submit
Because I understand that's what you need
There's no need to depend on your momma to do
What I can do for you
Let me care for you


Lyrics Pamela Olivia & Stacey Dove Daniels Music Kevin Randolph
Producer Kevin Randolph Performance Pamela Olivia
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