Dancing with the Spider King (Reprise)

Story Behind The Song

Years ago watching a good friend feeding crickets to his pet tarantula, the spider went into a feeding frenzy and was bobbing up and down and side to side shoveling crickets in his maw two and three at a time.

Song Length 2:33 Genre Rock - Gothic, Rock - Progressive Rock

Interesting music, sounds New Age in my ear ...good for back ground also advertising

One of the things that defines a great goth rock instrumental is mood, and Scott Jordan is a master at it! He knows what it takes to compose a catchy motif that sticks, then builds on it with droning backgrounds, vocal echoes, an organ and guitar to carry the very satisfying gloomy melody. I very much like how the motif concludes itself every few measures with the same solid two quarter notes and a half note together. It's easy to listen to this tune several times over and drift into the feeling of it. For me, that's what a great goth instrumental is meant to do.

I really like how the song starts with the lead guitar and rhythm guitar and then how the keyboards come in. Also like the Phase Shifter sounds. The song sounds like a song from the sixties and reminds me of the Animals, very cool tune indeed.

Please bear in mind I am not a Music Critic!
Music started quite strongly and continued with the same verve throughout!
Latched onto the melody which permeated till the end!
Musicianship was strong and kept the momentum up!
I was waiting for a change in melody but it never came. Nothing wrong with that though!

k uThank u

Here's an interesting instrumental piece...like nothing I've ever heard before. Guitars and organ with some really cool sound effects coming into my left headphone. Really gave the piece an interesting twist. Nice job.

nice ideas here, needs better mixing and development IMO...
best of luck to you.

Not sure how to categorize this but the overall sound has a very 70s sound, almost Alice Cooperish from the early albums, but I'm also getting 60's guitar sounds. Interesting demo.

Dancing with the Spider King

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