Gothic Blue

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Those gothic romance novels that they published in the 40s and 50s.

Song Length 4:11 Genre Rock - Gothic, Rock - Alternative


Gothic Blue

pail moon light shines in your eyes
like a witches tale on a summers night
the light of the moon washes over you
in a gown of deep gothic blue

My oh my my love is true. You look so pretty in Gothic Blue.
I never knew the world could be so cruel to lock you away from me
my Gothic Blue

just like gothic tales in a story book
banished there forever for the life you took
your locked away in towers of stone cold blue
forever to be alone

You took your life for a lovers song
the deep blue sea in now your own
the soft caress of a ravens wings
will carry you a way as the blackbirds sing

My oh my my love is true. You look so pretty in Gothic Blue.
I never knew the world could be so cruel to lock you away form me
my Gothic Blue

Just in time for Halloween, here is a strange song about someone locked away in a tower for some crime. High marks for creativity and originality.

reminds me of 70's music byrds stones harmonies nice guitar--mello good lead---he didn't let the dog off the leach the whole time! Bravo!

The chorus is very catchy. You have an interesting sound so it's hard to exactly place you which is awesome.

Got a sweet tooth for beautiful, haunting goth tunes? This one will satisfy and then some! The tune is as smooth as waves on a beach, the easy to follow lyrics tell a wonderfully longing story of love that seems deliciously dark. Instruments are played with infectious strums and beats. Great songwriting and a completely enjoyable listen! This song really lays it down!

Lyrics Scott Jordan Music Scott Jordan
Producer Scott Jordan Publisher Ravensong
Performance Scott Jordan Label Ravensong Studios
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Ohio #7
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