Standing Beside you in Darkness

Song Description

A love song

Song Length 2:43 Genre Rock - Gothic, Rock - Alternative
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Standing beside you in Darkness (Part 1)

Please take my hand my love

and let me lead you down ward

far from the cruel light and into the velvet darkness.

As I feel my heart beat faster

she takes me by the hand

whispering softly into my ear, ?I stand beside you in darkness.


?As she gently moves my dark hair I feel her hot breath upon my neck
and as her lips touch my flesh I am swept away into a sea of blood.?

Please take my hand my dear

and I will give you many treasures

all the magic of the night as I stand beside you in darkness.

Lyrics by
Scott Jordan/Jeannie Decker

Just in time for Halloween, here's a-little-creepy/spooky love song. The imagery is sexy and dark. What could be scarier than a sea of blood? Right at .12 there's an amazing sound that comes into the left side my headphones that really grabbed me.

This is not bag but what I heard is interesting

very interesting, cool changes, haunting

Very good flow.

Overall good song and very Robert Plant. I think distorted rock chords on a guitar on the first and second bridge would give some oomph and remove the strings. I don't think the string sound added to the feel.

Prigs track has a real mellow feel. Alluring, soothing, kind of mysterious.

could be good with a re recording and re mix.. the vocal effect overpowers the voice the lyrics are uncomprehendable. the mood is good your trying to produce but you need more practice mixing. try a remix and allow us to hear your voice

I could definitely see this be the backing for multiple scenes (the singing part more so than the speaking/talking part). It could be a scene about personal reflection or change within a character.

A compelling song with elements of mystery.

Sound is similar to Lyceum and theyre one of the best goth rock bands ever. Vox is really pitchy at times. Is this an intended effect or... If intended it distracts a little from the catchy hook of the song. Overall good work though.

I like the macabre lyrics and feel of the song, and I thought the vocals portrayed that feeling very well.

Lyrics Scott Jordan Music Scott Jordan
Producer Scott Jordan Publisher Scott Jordan
Performance Scott Jordan Label Scott Jordan
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