She Tried To Warn You

Story Behind The Song

How a tap on the shoulder eventually turns into a sledgehammer.

Song Length 3:03 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Beside Yourself, Still Subject General, Earth
Similar Artists Joss Stone, Alice Smith Language English
Era 2000 and later


c. 2020

She tried to warn you
Musta told you 1000 times
She was sick of
All of it but
You ignored all her signs

She tried to warn you
Over and over again
Covered your ears
Year after year
You foolishly wouldn't listen

Uh oh (repeats)

She gave you shelter
Gave you food she
Gave you unparalleled, exquisite beauty
Freely she did
Give all of her gifts
Didn't deserve none of it

She tried to warn you
But how many chances
And now that she's got your attention
How about everything
That you took for granted

She tried to warn you
But you didn't care
With all of your greed
Took more than you need
Poisoned her land
Polluted her air

Uh oh

All your bombs and
All your weapons
All the guns you wave around to threaten
Ain't got nothing on her wrath
Open your eyes
Everything that you had

She tried to warn you
But it's too late though
You want her to forgive you
After all your misuse
No, no, no, no

She tried to warn you
She tried
She tried
She tried
She tried to warn you
She tried
She tried
She tried
She tried to warn you

Lyrics Rebekah Hopper Music Pacific Beats
Producer Rebekah Hopper/Pacific Beats Publisher Rebekah Withakay
Performance Rebekah Withakay

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