The Halloween Song

Story Behind The Song

Funny song I did with my son.

Song Description

We have thousands of Christmas songs, but only about 6 Halloween songs that we play at the costume party over and over. Sup with that?!? We need way more Halloween songs, since it's a top shelf holiday.

Song Length 3:22 Genre Unique - Comedy, Rap - Hip Hop
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood In High Spirits Subject Holidays , Other
Similar Artists Lizzo, Weird Al Yankovic Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Halloween Song
Lyrics: Rebekah Hopper & Jakob Jones
Music: Phenom/ Drum Pad Machine/ Reb-El

We made a
We made a
Halloween song (x2)
We made a
We made a

Hold up, look
If I don't get these treats yo
You gonna get these tricks
That's the nature of the social contract bro
I didn't make up it (I didn't)

We're gonna go to the rich neighborhood (woo)
Where that got them full sizes
Maybe that got Costco memberships
And don't pay full prices (maybe)

October (Hey) is here
And it's the best month of the year
Yeah, I said it.
Number one zodiac
We know where the party at
Just follow me

Getting that money, that's dollar-ween
Getting good grades, that's scholar-ween
Next month turkey and collard greens
But right now it's

We need a Halloween song
We need a Halloween song

Phenom on the track
DPM app
I know you like this content (Okay)
Spare me your non-sense
All up in my comments

Jake found the beat
He was like
Mom, it's sick like rabies
Candy, costumes, haunted houses
This is the part where Jake go crazy

(Bump it at the trunk or treat)
(Bump it at the trunk or treat)

Pumpkin-shaped Reesee's
They the best, believe me
Snickers bars
Hershey's kisses
Better than Christmas
Can you tell I need a sponsor?
I'm for real tho
I need a sponsor (She does)
I ain't got nothing to rhyme with that
Oh wait...
Monsters (ah, good one)
Cuz it's Halloween (boo!)

We need a Halloween song
I mean we only got five
We need a Halloween song
Play this after Thriller
This beat won't never be wrong
Cuz you already played that five times
We need a Halloween song
C'mon, you know that routine by now.

We need a Halloween song
At your costume party
(I'm just saying, put this in your playlist too)
Between Monster Mash and that Ghostbuster's song
That's the Halloween spirit
Get it?
(Give a girl a chance)
We need a Halloween Song
(Bump it at the trunk or treat)
Just put it in your playlist...

We need a Halloween song- Repeats
(Bump it at the trunk or treat)-Repeats

***This song features music created using Drum Pad Machine. Available on Google Play:

Lyrics Rebekah Hopper Music Phenom/DPM App
Producer Phenom/DPM App/ Reb-El Publisher Rebekah Withakay Publishing
Performance Rebekah Withakay & Ja Jo

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