Broken Down and Worn

Song Description

A straight-on blues song, power-trio style.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Blues - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Bad Love, General
Language English


Broken Down and Worn

My friends keep on telling
Me to put you down
Say they've seen you leaving dooryards
Across the whole damned town

Well, I'm broke down
I'm broken down and worn
If you can't be my woman
I must be movin' on

You know I never had the feeling
That you would do me wrong.
Now I hear you're double-dealing
And the 'good ol' days' are gone

Yeah, I'm broke down.
I am broken down and worn.
If you won't be my woman
Then I must be movin' on.

SOLO (2x)

I gave you all I had
Babe. No, I couldn't give you more
But you won't see me crawling
On my knees across the floor

Crying, "come back baby".
No! I'm broken down and worn,
But if you can't be my woman
Then I must be movin' on.

While you were out (a)playing
I was home pacing the blinds
Just chasing down the notions
That were rambling on my mind

Sayin', "she's gone now".
Yes, I was broken down and worn
But you can't keep a good man
Down, down, down for too long.

Smoking Stevie Ray style blues guitar. Very well played, in some ways a cross between SRV's blues and Eric Johnson's smoothness. Lyrics are solid, great blues tune .. love it.

Lyrics Jason Mancine Music Jason Mancine
Producer Jason Mancine Publisher Sween Machine Publishing
Performance J. Mancine (feat. Rhys Simpson)

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