Draw the Line

Song Description

A rock song about the frustrations that the Covid pandemic has brought upon us all...especially musicians.

Song Length 4:07 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject City Language English


I dont know how to feel right now.
What's the use in crying out,
Giving up everything?
They say were not allowed to sing.
Guess it's just another loss, throw us a bone won't you boss.
Telling us to stay at home, while the rest of them are free to roam.

I wanna go back in time.
Enjoy the freedom yours and mine.
See all of your smiling faces and enjoy those sweet embraces.
I miss my old friends I often wonder how they've been.
What I'd do to play again and sing songs till the night ends.

At the bar down the street, anywhere that we could meet.
I'd rather see your pretty face, than stare at a screen anyway.
Doesn't it seem like a waste? to lock this love in a case.
Isn't it time? To step aside and stop stealing all our high
Everyone hang on, to the feeling of love in your hearts, yeah.
I know it's so strong. Even if it feels wrong you gotta hang on.

Covid doesn't discriminate, this problems not black white or hate.
We all got to stand together, if this world wants to be better.
What makes this place spin? Money, greed, lies and sin.
Who knows what to believe? Every story has a different lead.

I miss the golden days, wishing this was just a phase.
Now were all lost in a maze, tail spinning in a nasty haze.
Isn't it time to find? All the love locked in our minds.
Where do we draw the line?

Draw the line, yeah...in this crazy time.
Draw the line, yeah...in this crazy time.

Is it that we are blind?

Lyrics Rhys Simpson Music Rhys Simpson/Jason Mancine
Producer Jason Mancine Publisher Sween Machine Publishing (ASCAP)

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