Like a Melody

Story Behind The Song

This is my latest "corona sessions" song... it started when I played the first two chords by chance on a keyboard. I actually wrote most of the song from the drum kit as I recorded the drum parts. That's a first for me! :) Both the drum and bass parts were "played through" to a click track on the initial recording to establish the groove..also not how I normally work, but it seemed to give the song a good "feel". Though not nearly as technical, the bass guitar part was inspired by Nathan East's playing on Daft Punk's "Get Lucky". The bass solo on the Middle 8 took me about 50 takes. It was post-processed with Wah-Wah, stereo imaging, distortion and an octave generator to give it an 80's synth feel. Fun song to record!

Song Description

This is purely a love song, though I tried to juxtapose some tension in the chord/scale choices and in the overall instrumentation because sometimes love isn't easy. :) I went for a kind of 80's pop motif, but also blended in some funk elements and a bit of alt-rock kind of guitar tags. It was a blast making this song over the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy it!

Song Length 3:31 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Attracted, Crush, Madly In Love Language English


You've got the ways and means - Ups, downs and in-betweens
You've got the wheel and a destination
A one-way melody - Taking it to the streets of my heart.

You've got nothing to prove - The way your body moves
You're like a diamond surfing on a landslide
Like a melody - riding the symphony in my mind.

You're like a song on a warming west wind
You radiate like the sun on my skin
You bring the heat in a way I can't deny

You've got a look that hits all my high notes
You put a hook into lines that I wrote
You play the beat from a place down deep in-side

You're all rhythm no blues - And burn just like a fuse
You bring straight fire to my dance floor
Your knocked-out melody - It sweeps me off my feet in the night.

You're like a satellite - You go and come all night
You're free-falling but never touching down
Like a melody - Burned in my memory and my eyes.

You've got a look that hits all my high notes
You put a hook into lines that I wrote
You play the beat from a place down deep in-side

You are the major lift - That sets my soul adrift
You've got a backbeat that takes my spirit high
Just a melody - Sailing from your seas into to my skies.

You're like a chemical - On pace for overload
You're a reagent of everlasting love
Like a melody - Raining down on me from above.

Very nice instrumentation here, nice movement/beat. Lovely harmony lines! Overall well done.

Lyrics Jason Mancine Music Jason Mancine
Producer Jason Mancine Publisher Sween Machine Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Jason Mancine

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