Walks with Grace

Song Length 3:30 Genre Rock - General, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Falling in Love, Relationship
Language English


Yeah, she walks with grace
An, unforgettable face
A smile that clears the skies
And allows the sun to shine on my tired soul
With one little word, she'll change this wretched day to good

Love's a powerful thing
It makes you wanna do everything you can to keep this girl Who stole your world.

Remember when we strolled down the street?
Our hands would touch and then our eyes would meet.
A moment of pure bliss is when I get
To taste those lips
The way your hair shines in the daylight transcends images of angels in my mind. My girl aren't you fine?

So my love don't you ever go, cause the lord knows I love you so!

Oh Darling be gentle, don't lay my soul to waste.
Fear drove me to build a wall around my heart, just in case.
You're the queen of my peaceful place,
I don't wanna live without your sweet embrace.

So if one day you have to go, please know
Love can always flow

Lyrics that match the music is huge to me, and you do it perfectly. Great voice and the song is sung well. The mood struck correlates very well with the lyrics.

Nice piece with a very easy laidback feel to it and very pleasing vocals. Very soulful tune with very good and unique instrumentation.

Really like the opening, I was immediately engaged much more than normal. I'm a big fan of the arpeggiated guitar and the whole flow of this piece. Singing is exceptional, and wonderfully unique to me. I'm hearing something vocally that reminds me of the 90's/2000's "rock" or "metal" but with a lyricism and maturity and legato that is really balanced and beautiful. The instrumentation is great, it serves the song really well. The guitar work after 2:30, on the slide, was perfect. You are to my ears pros and keep on keeping on. Really, really good and something special here.

Well constructed from start to finish, I thought the shakers in the background really accentuated the acoustic guitar. Great rock / folk feel. The talent of the lead singer really shines through.

Lyrics Rhys Simpson Music Rhys Simpson
Producer Jason Mancine Publisher Sween Machine Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Rhys Simpson w/Jason Mancine
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Douglas Branson aka dB+1 Pop Rock Feel Good 10/17/2020
Jeana Marie Potthoff Rock-Easy Listening 9/13/2020

Walks with Grace - Simpson Mancine Band (Lyric Video)

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