Last Call For Arkansas

Story Behind The Song

A couple breaks up while one is chasing their dreams, the other wants a home and a family.

Song Description

Story of someone who follows their partner to Nashville to make a name for themself. , sacrificing his own interests, realizing it's a one sided effort to have a relationship, decides to travel home to Arkansas.

Song Length 2:44 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Americana
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Poignant Subject Regret, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Last Call For Arkansas
Music & Lyrics by Donovan Tucker (c) 2013 BMI

I'm headed home today
On a greyhound bound for Little Rock
I've tried but I can't stay
And help you chase your dreams

Now you dream with someone else
I don't know how you sleep at all
I'll be sittin' on that bus
Thinkin' of the two of us
Till I hear the call ... last call for Arkansas

There's nothing wrong with Tennessee
Folks up here are nice
But I miss my buddies and my family
My old man's great advice

That yellow lab I grew up with
He's gettin' on in years
I know he'll be glad to see me
I know you won't shed a tear
Yeah I hear the call ... last call for Arkansas

They say you can't go home again I think the change will do me good I can catch my second wind
And live my life the way I should

If you ever really loved me
It wouldn't end like this
But now we've crossed the Mississippi
The sun is sinking in the west

I just heard from mama
She'll leave a light on if it's dark
I could hear the chicken frying
I could hear my old dog bark
Glad I took the call
The last call from Arkansas

I could hear the chicken frying
Thought I heard my mama crying
Glad I heard the call
Last call for Arkansas

I'm headed home today ...
On a Greyhound bound for Little Rock

Great story. I could hear and feel the lyrics. Nice job. Instrumentation and originality is very good also. Keep up the good work!

Great song! Good front porch music.

I can relate to this track. I'm glad it was selected for my review. I really enjoyed this song and the vision of the story. I use to live in Arkansas in the N/W and it was a very special time of my life. I love the way you made this song sound simple and pleasing with very little instrumentation, which came out excellent, and great strong vocals....good job!

Great song! 5 Stars!

Very nice 2 part harmony... and the clarity of the guitar sounds and recording mix levels hit me just right.

Lyrics Donovan Tucker Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jay Speight bottle rockit productions Publisher open
Performance Jay Speight / Don Tucker Label open

Last Call For Arkansas

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