Hanging Out With Time

Story Behind The Song

Time wrote it for me while I drank Interstellar Wine.

Song Description

Hanging out with Time Himself at a Martian Bar drinking Interstellar Wine with the Martian Girls.

Song Length 3:47 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cheerful Subject Life, Comedy, Funny
Similar Artists Frank Zappa, Phish Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Moon outside the window
Through the curtains in the hall
Paints your face in shadows
A ghost light on the wall

I have a million thoughts
None that really matter
The deck deals retribution
And causes them to scatter

Into the ether
Out beyond my reach

Hope to delay death
By my own excuses

Oh Ah Oh
Oh Ah Oh
At the Martian Bar drinking Interstellar wine
Oh Ah Oh
Just Hanging out with Time
Oh Ah Oh
All the Martian Girls love that Interstellar wine

Time keeps making passes
At the winking Stars
They just laugh at Time
And Drink with Martians at the bar

I might be embarrassed
If I wasn't so brazen
The Stars don't notice anyway
They're busy misbehaving

I'm far beyond the limit
Of my base imagination
Hanging out with Time
Somewhere in God's creation

I'll keep on drinking
And I'll play along
Until the bar closes
On Times last call

All the Martian Girls say, "If this song doesn't make you want to shake your groove thing you might want to check your pulse!"

Lyrics Richard S Zoppo & Mark Riddick Music Richard S Zoppo & Mark Riddick
Producer Mark Riddick Publisher Ghost Of Jupiter Publishing Co
Performance Zap & The Wires Label Hurricane Valley Records

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