That's Why We're Here

Story Behind The Song

Just some personal thoughts.

Song Description

Common experience and spirituality

Song Length 3:06 Genre Country - General, Country - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Content Subject Life, Spirituality
Similar Artists Zac Brown Band, Chris Stapleton Language English
Era 2000 and later


Off the road where the river passes
We'd jump off the bridge like summer baptisms
My friends and I were immortal then
Livin like the summer would never end

But hats were thrown at the county High
Some dreams lived and others died
Choices were made with skepticism
And the bad ones born would come to fruition

We've all been there
I guess that's why we're here

I've been sober for twenty years
And I never met a drink I didn't like
Until I met her the one good thing in my life

I guess there's a comfort in the same old song
You just get tired of chasing the shiny and new
Hey just look at relics like me
Preachin' to young guns like you
Maybe save a few mistakes a few heartaches
Gimmie minute and believe me when I say

We've all been there
I guess that's why we're here

Can I get an amen or at least a hell yeah
Does this old heart good just to know someone cares

As I close the book and we bow our heads
Think of the words the Good Lord said
It's how we love and how we live
The ones who forgive us and the ones we forgive
The simple things aren't so hard to see
We're too busy running after the temporary
But they're alwaysç there and always will be
In the joy and love between you and me

We've all been there
I guess that's why I'm here
We've all been there
That's why I'm here

"Likeable and nostalgic bar band country rock in the vein of the Zac Brown Band with an awesome lead singer that is part Zac and part Stapleton. Honest, well-written country music."

Tear inducing and heart string pulling, for sure! Another exceptional creative production from Zap and The Wire. Can I please get an Amen or at least a HELL, YEAH!

Lyrics Richard S Zoppo & Mark Riddick Music Richard S Zoppo & Mark Riddick
Producer Mark Riddick Publisher Ghost Of Jupiter Publishing Co
Performance Zap & The Wires Label Hurricane Valley Records

That's Why We're Here

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