This is what we love, this is what spills out of us on a daily basis, the sounds, the words, this is our life, our existence. We started a label (The Guild LLC), we remodeled a car shop and turned it into a state of the art recording studio (Casitaboon Labs), we started a publishing company (Casitaboon Publishing), and now here we are...
We released our first EP in the spring of 2015 "River Built the Mill", although a bit premature, we were excited to release our work and expose our thoughts. It is a constant learning process and I feel that we are getting ever closer, getting better and learning what it takes to chase the dream of writing a "Hit" song.
Two Tone Drone is the name that we have put on the identity of the band. Our goal is to be able to forget about the old model of the music industry, to forget about the "album" mentality and to just go forth and create. Our plan is to release a song every 30 days and we are closing in on

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Sounds Like: Two Tone Drone, Boonslang

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MONSTER is the latest kick-ass, hard-driving tune to come out of Casitaboon Labs! We love it when songs happen to us this fast... Daniel literally wrote the riff less than 3 weeks ago!

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Good stuff guys.Well put together and great sound. Refreshing in a Dua Lipa world. Thanks :) 1

Great track!

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The Guild / Two Tone Drone
over 30 days ago

Thanks Mikey!

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Clean Clean

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