THIS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST offers everyone the opportunity to showcase their work to the music industry in London no matter where you live in the world.

Many past entrants have been offered deals - even Simon Cowell signed one of our winners - and every year the media takes an interest with contestants featured on TV, radio and in the press internationally.

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UK Songwriting Contest

The UKSC 2013 is NOW OPEN to entries from around the world and offering great prizes to EVERYONE who enters and an opportunity to showcase your work to top award winning producers. Many past entrants have been offered deals and every year the media takes an interest with many contestants featured on TV, on radio and in the press. Prizes include professional studio productions and professional music video shoot in the UK.

This is an international contest that invites entries from all parts of the world and it is the favourite songwriting event of many writers from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and Europe. Everyone has the same opportunity to have their work showcased to the music industry in London no matter where they live. Songwriting ability is being judged, not performance or production. Beginners have as much chance as everyone else who enters.

EVERYONE WHO ENTERS gets an official UKSC Certificate for each song entered and gets to know the exact judges score and the position reached in the judging panels for each song. Plus, we have arranged that everyone who enters this year will receive a fantastic US$50 special all-inclusive membership of that entitles you song ptching opportunities and also up to five instructor led or DIY songwriting courses of your choice over six weeks. This is a great opportunity to perfect your songwriting skills, pitch your songs and learn from the masters. Plus, everyone who enters also receives a US$25 membership of That's a total of US$75 in prizes GUARANTEED TO EVERYONE just for entering! And there is much more - full details of all prizes are here.

There are fifteen categories for entries so whatever your style of music you will find one to suit you. Categories cover Pop, Adult Contemporary, Rock, Love Songs, Christmas Songs, Singer/Songwriter, Instrumental Compositions, Acoustic and Folk, Country, RnB and Urban, Jazz and Blues and Faith and Christian music. There is an Open category for everything that is not covered by the main categories - comedy songs, opera and classical, film theme music, show tunes, experimental works etc etc. And there is also a popular Lyrics Only category for the lyricists. It's like fifteenten contests in one with winners, finalists, semi finalists and commended entries etc in each of the fifteen categories. Full details of each category are on the website at

Every writer receives a UKSC Certificate for each song entered with details of their song's position and achievement in the contest - eg preliminary stages, semi finals, finals, runner up etc - it looks great framed on your living room or studio wall, as a prop in publicity photographs, or use it in your press kit or for when you apply for courses or jobs etc. Every writer also gets to know the exact judges score for each song entered.

The UK Songwriting Contest is dedicated to promoting the art of songwriting and the discovery of new talent. All entries are very carefully examined by experienced professionals and everyone has the chance to get noticed. We aim to provide maximum exposure and genuine opportunities for succesful entrants and we are actively looking for promising writers. Many important people in the music industry follow this event very closely looking for new talent, for example Simon Cowell signed Natalie Chua after her success in the contest (She now has a Platinum Album and is a UKSC judge) and many past winners and finalists have been noticed by the prominent members of the music community who take part in the judging and selection panels. You could be one of these songwriters.

Sting's producer Kipper Eldridge has also recently joined the judges.


Best Wishes For Wherever Life and the Music May Lead You . . .

Congratulations to everyone who entered! I had a Final and semi-final + commended entries :)

Wow, I won a runner-up in the Instrumental category! Thanks a lot, that's great.

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Nadia Cripps
over 30 days ago

So happy for you Jean. My warmest congratulations! Nadia

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