Having been born into a family of gospel musicians, it was only natural for Nathaniel "STK" Johnson to pursue music on a professional level. A native New Yorker, Nate has allowed the movement of the city to drive his Dance, Pop and R&B instrumentals. This cutting edge sound is generated using state of the art software and the latest producing techniques to completely immerse his listeners. His recent collaboration with Dove perfectly depicts where STK is going sonically... Deeper, yet higher; while being bigger yet focused.

Shahana "ShahanaK" Johnson like many girls, grew up with dreams of becoming a star. However unlike most girls, Shahana's dream stopped being dream, after she left her home in Chicago and transitioned it into a passion by moving to New York. Classically trained, however Gospel and Pop became her main focus while in the big city. Now a seasoned lyricist, ShahanaK and STK are pushing the envelope sonically with plans to create a bigger and brighter future.

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