Zap & The Wires are A Studio Band. Richard S Zoppo aka Zap writes and arranges with Nashville Producer and cowriter Mark Riddick. An impressive lineup of the best Nashville touring and studio hired guns play on the tunes. The Vocalists are all recording Artists in their own right. The genres are whatever the song has decided to be, from Country, Country Rock, Southern Rock, Raggae, Punk Rock, Blues, Ballads,Funk and R & B. Some stylized Synth Tech Offerings too. 


Everything the Wires ever heard.,,,


The Aquarian Weekly formerly the East Coast Rocker referred to Zap & The Wires as the "Mount Everest of Rock and Roll." Calling them witty, abrasive, humorous, dark and musical all at once, the Rocker denotes them as the pinnacle of the genre embracing all the wild elements swirling around the highest mountaintop and flinging the fury out across the lower peaks.

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